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Grandma's House

Grandma's house still looks the same from when I would visit as a little girl. Familiar, cozy, a place that I wish would never change or go away. So many warm memories. Easter egg hunts, opening CHRISTmas gifts, many Mother's Days, spending the night, coloring with crayons on the kitchen table (below), we didn't always have crayons at our house. 

Grandma's house was special and still is.

On the shelf below, behind the blue cloth is a T.V. same one since I was a girl.

Before moving to Texas back when Josh was 6yr. old and Lance was only a few months we use to stop at Grandma's house almost every Sunday. We'd grab our burgers at Wendy's and eat at Grandma's, Great Grandma to my kiddos.

My little sister.
Grandma still has the green shag rug. I remember when this addition to the  house was being built.
The dinning room table is the same table my mom ate at as a child. The same table I ate at as a child and now my kids.
My grandmother's room. Neat and tidy as always. I took a picture inside her room but will not show it for my grandmother's privacy. 
My sister Cynthia made this calendar over 20 years ago for Grandma. I'm not sure what month this is on but that's my Gramps. He was so smart. He invented a few things but never got a patent for them. My Grandpa had a can crusher before it was even on the market. It was homemade.
When we went to CA for my sister's wedding we had to stop at Grandma's house and of course take our Wendy's burgers.
I wasn't able to get a good picture of this but my Auntie put this together for Grandma when I was in my teens. My mom and sister Cynthia are in the bigger picture. My mom is holding her. You can't see me because of the glare but that's me at the top on the far right. I remember how much I hated that hair cut. My mom couldn't get my hair even, so eventually it was ear length!

I remember staring at this many times when I was younger. I use to wonder about the explorers and Indians. Sponge Bob wasn't part of the display back then. I'm not sure which cousin of mine put that in but I believe it's been there for a while now. I'm sure it was one of my second cousins who put it there.
The little round table below, next to the grandfather clock; my grandparents made it. I still remember them telling my mom how they made the table without using nails. I'm sure I was in my teens. 
I loved hearing the clock strike every hour. I still love hearing it when I visit.
Lance looking out the back. When my grandparents first moved to this house the backyard was full of trees. They cleared it out and planted lemon, orange, and apple trees. There was a fig tree too but it died many years ago. When I was a little girl I loved eating Grandma's fig jam. I miss her fig jam a lot.

That pencil sharpener is the same one I used when I was little. I remember going to Grandma's house and having to draw on recycled paper. There wasn't packs of printer paper. Nope! I use to use envelops and other scrap paper. No wasting back then,
I LOVE my Grandma's kitchen. The sink area is metal. Both my grandma and grandpa made the counters from what they had. I remember spending the night and in the morning smelling the coffee from that peculator. Grandma would let me have some with lots of sugar and canned milk.

That little stove would feed all her grandkids. At CHRISTmas time she'd make tons of tamalas.
She has another stove in the garage. My Grandpa made a bar section in the garage. It has a sink, stove, and fridge. I need to take some pictures. There were many parties when I was little.
Those cups on the shelf are the same cups we used when my sisters and I were little.

This is hanging in the kitchen. Another gift from my sweet Aunt E.
My sweet Grandma. She is so tiny now. She still does crossword puzzles. She's a smart cookie. 

I use to stare at this picture for hours. Wondering about the boys. Loving the neighborhood. I use to imagine me in that picture, walking down the street.
My Aunt R.  had this made for my Grandma many years ago. She's ready to go home and be with Grandpa even though she still active and can run laps around, j/k, hehe. I am not ready for her to go yet. I love her too much.
Grandpa served in the Army. Went off to war. Had his finger blown off and came back to my mom and Grandma. He use to write letters to my mom. I think she was three years old. What a good dad.

We got Grandma to laugh. I love her smile.

My sister and Grandma. I miss them both.
And that is a peek into my Grandma's house. I love her place. 


  1. Oh, I just LOVE this post! Full of memories, love, pictures of the past, and a family love. These types of posts touch my heart and remind me why I blog :)

    ((hugs)) to you dear friend. My husband brought me a Starbucks last night (I was sooo cold and couldn't get warm). It reminded me of you :)

    1. Oh, what a sweet hubby.

      I found these pictures while searching for another. I had meant to write about my grandma's house but with the busyness of life they were pushed to the back of my computer album :( I love her place. I wish I could move her house here. She lives on a 1/2 an acre (maybe a bit smaller) there was always so much room to run and play. I forgot to mention the three dogs she had. Yikes, I'm forgetting their names.


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