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Homeschool Portfolio Printable Pack by Not Consumed (Review)

Not Consumed has been so kind to let me review the Homeschool Portfolio Printable Pack. This is a great way to get your homeschool organized.
Not Consumed Homeschool Portfolio (Review)
This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure.
What is included in your Homeschool Portfolio Pack

~About Me Page: this is really cute and I love, love, that it includes "My Favorite Bible Verse" a neat thing for our kiddos to add and look back on years to come.

Also included is space for your child to write seven things about them and questions to answer like favorite book, toy, place etc. A neat page to record lots of memories.
Not Consumed Homeschool Portfolio
~Morning Checklist: this way your child doesn't forget to brush his teeth (mine still forget if I don't remand them, ugh!) and I like that Proverbs 21:5a is at the top of the Morning Checklist.

~Reading Record: this includes space for your child to write the book title, date, author, and rate it by coloring in the starts. Pretty neat. My kids love the 5 star rating part. And the verse for this page is Philippians 4:8!

~Weekly Checklist is a must and although we are not doing school right now this will be used next school year. I love that you can edit this page and add what your child needs to get done daily.

What's really neat about this page is it's separated into three parts: at the top there are Monday-Friday boxes to put appt. or places you'll be going -this is on the student's checklist so they'll know what's going on that week just like mom! 

The second section being the kid's school work. All their subjects will be in this section and the boxes to check off as they complete. This is one page for the whole week.

Lastly on the Weekly Checklist is the habits section and you can change this weekly or monthly or yearly because it's editable! Pretty cool huh?!?!?!
Not Consumed Homeschool Portfolio
~Attendance Record: a great way to keep track of what days you went on a field trip, when you took holiday time off or Co-op time. Always fun to look back on and great at a glance "what did we do April 3rd" type thing.

It's simple too, all the months are across the top and there is a column going down with numbers 1-31 for the days of the month. It's separated by quarters.

Field Trip Evaluation Form: a neat way to document your field trips. Your child can write what they learned, what the purpose was, there's space to draw a picture and rate how they liked the field trip (or didn't like, lol). It's a great way to get feedback from your child.

~Educational Snapshot: I love this page. It's going to sound so simple but is a wonderful way to keep track of what you used over the year. You can type in your child's name and school year.

There are ten boxes (plenty) to record what you are using for each subject. For instance I can make one box for history and write what we are using and what it is covering.

There is also a verse in the corner of the page: Proverbs 24:3-6

Not Consumed Homeschool Portfolio
~Homeschool Calendar is a year at a glance with mini calendars July-June and another page with August-July. When you purchase your Homeschool Portfolio Pack you get free lifetime updates meaning every year you'll get a new set of the Calendar pages.

~Assessment Graph: this can be used for those subjects that you correct for us one is math. At the bottom of the page there is space for the name of the assessment. Going up the page are numbers 5, 10, 15, 20, 15, and so forth through 100. If your child scores an 85 he/she can fill in the graph grid from 5-85. Everyday your child can see how he's improving. I'm using a graph per subject. I think this page will be a lot more fun for the younger students.

OR you can keep track and record their 'grade'. I think it would be great for the kids especially younger ones to keep track.

~My Goals:  this is where you can record your personal, spiritual, health, and homeschool goals AND your child's too. I think it's soooo important for children to have goals. Throughout the year have your child look at the goal page to see if he's staying the 'course' :) 

There is another My Goals page and this one is broken down in quarters (quarters 1-4).

~Cover Page: your child can decorate this page. There is space to write the Grade & Year.

~Calendar Pages:  from August 2016 to July 2016. Every year you'll receive updated calendar pages.
Not Consumed Homeschool Portfolio
Daily pages your child will use:
  • Weekly Checklist
  • Morning Checklist (for younger kiddos)
  • Reading Record (print as many as you need)
  • Assessment Graphs (unless you prefer to keep track of this then add it to your Records binder)
For your records:
  • Attendance Record (if you want your child to keep track to add one to his binder as well)
  • Homeschool Calendar
  • Educational Snapshot (this is where you will record all the subject and books/curriculum used)
  • All About Me Profile
  • Goal Worksheet
  • Assessment Graphs (if you are having your child keep track put this in his/her binder). Have the child put one for each subject in his binder.
  • Reading Records: I thought it would be neat to have one for each subject but of course you can use it however it works best in your homeschool.
    I was kinda thinking of having for example one for history another for read alouds. The child will have one for history and record all the audio books and books that he reads on the "History" Reading Record, just a thought. I'm still pondering =)
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