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It Works! Hair, Skin, Nails 90 Day Challenge (Day 3) Olive Leaf Extract

Wow, I didn't know there was such a thing as Olive Leaf Extract. I knew about olive oil. Olive Leaf Extract is another ingredient in the proprietary blend of It Works! Skin, Hair, Nails ~Olive Leaf Extract has a compound known as oleuropein which has the ability to lower blood pressure and help with supporting the cardiovascular system and immune system!
Day 3 ~Thursday 6/23/16~hair pulled back
Again, like with Fo ti root there hasn't been a lot of study with Olive Leaf Extracts and pregnancy so it's advised to ask your doctor before taking it.

Who knew it could be so beneficial? I didn't. The three areas that Olive Leaf Extracts helps the most is with antimicrobial, antioxidant, and heart benefits. You can read more about Olive Leaf Extract HERE and HERE.

Today's pictures and I must say I'm having a very, very, very, hard time getting the before picture. I'm on day three and still don't have one. I'm going to just have to pick from my batch of photos. My hair is so uneven which isn't helping at ALL! It's quite embarrassing actually. I haven't seen anyone body else whose hair (if you google It Works! Skin, Hair, Nails images) as um, ugly as mine.
 I mean look at the big gap where there is no hair. I don't know what is going on there. My poor distributor is probably thinking, "Who have I let do this challenge!", ack! I seriously didn't know I had a whole spot of missing hair.
Going forward I'm not going to sue the marking as the before mark because it's not accurate. I'll use it as a gauging place. I think that will be a good visual point.
Here is my hair pulled back. Please excuse the mess in the left corner. I really need to clean that corner out. It became the catch-all when clearing off the table. Ugh, but it's what happens when you live in a small house and there isn't a home for you lunch bag and popcorn bucket, hehe.
Here is my hair down. I normally don't wear my hair down so another thing is I need to get a good picture with how I usually wear my hair. 
 This is how I usually wear my hair most days, up! I know hair grows from the top not the bottom but this might be another way to see growth.
 The backside with my hair up.
Here I am holding the bottle of It Works! Hair, Skin, Nails the wrong way, bwahahaha.  This picture is to show how my hair doesn't drape over my shoulder how I'd like it to.

Maybe with picking a before picture it will be best to wait until the after picture is taken too. Maybe my hair will look better and fill in the gap (praying).

When I'm done with the 90 Day Challenge I think I need to have my hair trimmed so it's all even. 

In all the pictures I am looking straight ahead not up or down. I am going to take a sideways picture so you all will know I'm not cheating =)

I'm happy to report, no acne, itchiness of the skin or rash. Those are some side affects that I read can happen.  I am drinking up to eight 6oz cups of water which I'll share another day about. 

Read Day 1 and Day 2.

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