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It Works! Hair, Skin, Nails 90 Day Challenge ~Day 5

I'm going on Day 5 of the It Works! Hair, Skin, Nail challenge. 
Because I don't have time to write too much I'm mostly going to show pictures in this post.
Photos taken Saturday ~6/25/16
I thought I'd take some photos of me in my regular clothes just in case it makes a difference (ya'never know).
I try to have the same person take my picture but today only Lance was home. I forgot to tell him to take fan out the lens so you all could see the length. We took a lot of pics. I transferred them to the computer I noticed they were all close ups. Ugh, we had to take them over again because of it. Not fun.

I didn't retake any in my pink shirt but did in the white on. That's why the above photo doesn't show the very tips of my hair, sorry.
The only cropping I'm doing is omitting my messy house, hehe. When I told Lance to fan out, boy did he fan out and took pics of my lovely, messy, table.

Pulled my hair forward.

And there you have it. My first five days of taking It Works! Hair, Skin, Nails.
I'm drinking my eight 8oz cups of water, taking the same supplements as I mentioned in a previous post, and am wearing the same white shirt.

I was not asked to document my It Works! HSN journey daily, weekly, monthly on my blog~ nor was I asked to share my friend Michelle's site. I am not receiving free supplements. I pay $33+ shipping as part of the loyal customer program.

I'll probably document daily next week, than switch to weekly after that. I really wanted to give you all an idea of how my wacky and crazy hair is. Some days it's more frizzy or culy or straight than others. 

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