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It Works! Hair, Skin, Nails ~Day 7

Wow, seven days. It went kind of slow but I think it's because I keep wanting my hair to grow like five inches, just kidding, no I'm not I'd love for that to happen but I know it takes time (smile).

One thing I have noticed is my skin is so, so, so soft. I can even scratch my arm or leg and no whit mark like before. Even though I eat lots of yummy fats I still had a bit of dry skin. You know like when you scratch your arm you get that whitish streak which I'm figuring is dead skin.Now I don't get that.

My feet are a bit dry still so we'll see if it improves my feet, haha! I would like to add that I don't put lotion on daily or oils like jojoba, coconut, almond, etc. I try to stay consistent but unfortunately I don't. I can go weeks without putting any oil or lotion/cream on. 

I keep rubbing my arms because they are so soft. Lupe has noticed as well.
Day 7 ~taken 6/27/16

I bet the It Works! People never had a person participate in the 90 day challenge with hair like this before (above pic). I have to lengths!
My hair looks much better when it's pulled back. I guess that's why I didn't notice how choppy hair in the back.

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