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Missing My Babies

Annette and Caleb have been gone for 10 weeks!!! I miss them dearly. I know they are having fun though.

In April when we took a trip to Florida we not only went to Disney World but to drop my two kiddos off with their Auntie. She has three kiddos and needed some help.

In June they all flew to California so that is where they are now. I miss them so much. I'm so thankful for modern technology.

Annette has a trac phone so I can send text messages but she can't receive any pictures so that's a bummer.

Caleb purchased an ipod before he left so he has skype. Guess what?!?! I just recently set my phone up so I could Skype Caleb and I LOVE it! Why didn't I do this earlier. I love sending little video messages. They are for him to share with Annette.

Last week they went to a discipleship camp at Hume Lake. They were not allowed to have their devices but that didn't stop me from sending text messages to Annette's phone and Skype videos. I left one video a day for them (if not more).

I did a double intro in the video above because I wasn't sure if I was recording. I also sent them lots of pictures of their guineas.
They are so cute and funny. Watch the video below, toward the end you will see a close up of Eddy as he is very curious about the camera ;)

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  1. {{{{hugs}}}} This is where modern technology is a blessing!


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