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Mom's Fun-Schooling Handbook

Now that the school year is winding down (for me at least, 4 of my babies are gone for the summer), and homeschooling mamas everywhere are getting ready for another fabulous year! 

I have something that might help. Actually it's a gift from The Thinking Tree. Sarah is giving away a sample of her Fun-Schooling Handbook! Almost 100 pages! And there is a bonus page in the back ~how to make Green Lemonade an energizing drink for all you mamas!
Free Fun Schooling Hand Book at Homeschooling6
Sarah has allowed a handful of bloggers to share this download.
You can download your FREE sample of the Fun-Schooling Handbook for Moms HERE. Please be kind and do not sell the download. It's against copyright laws. If your friends would like a copy please have them drop by Homeschooling6 to download theirs thank you =)  

Read my review HERE it has some wise words from Sarah Janisse Brown about fun-schooling! 

And watch a quick peek inside video below.

I want to thank The Thinking Tree for allowing me to share this 95 page download. It's very generous of  The Thinking Tree family!

The Brown family serves the Lord in the Ukraine and The Thinking Tree/Dyslexia Games is what supports them on the mission field. They have given away thousands of Thinking Tree books to families this past year. 

The Thinking Tree

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