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Morrocco Method for Hair, Scalp, and Face

Oh my word, is all I can say about using Morrocco Method aff Zen Detox on my face and hair/scalp. Last week I did a hair/scalp mask and put some on my face too. All I can say is this stuff is amazing!!!
Morrocco Method
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure.
My hair feels so soft and so does my face. The main ingredient is volcanic ash. Millions of years old or as I like to think flood old. I am not a believer of the millions of years old theory. My thinking is, maybe it's the ash from the flood.

I am not an affiliate nor was I given a review sample, I'm just a happy customer.

Once I did the Zen Detox on my face I'm not kidding, my face is the softest its ever been (since babyhood I'm sure). I splurged and purchased their new Feng Shea Facial Scrub. They sell this in a trial size-ish for $5.95 and regular 8oz size for $19. Knowing the quality of Morrocco Method's products I went ahead and ordered the regular size and LOVE it. I use this at night and their shampoo to clean my face in the morning.

Ever since I did the Zen Detox and have been using the facial scrub my face has been so soft. I normally put some sort of moisturizer whether it be an oil combination from Hopewell Essential Oils or any other natural cream, I haven't used any. I don't know if this is good or bad, haha but the detox/facial combo has been amazing with keeping my skin soft and moisturized too! It's weird. I'll have to post an update in a month or so to see what's going on with the whole moisturizer thing.
Morrocco Method
I normally wouldn't spend so much on my hair with the Zen Detox. $19 for a 4oz container is A LOT (to this mama of 6) but with that said, I'm glad I did get it. With my medium length and curly hair I'm able to get 3 uses out of it. But the reason I bought it is because I'm having scalp issues that I don't really want to write about to the whole world just yet. My dermatologist prescribed a shampoo that cost $100 out of pocket so instead of buying that I'm trying the Morrocco Method (my excuse to try some of their products that I couldn't 'afford' before, my weird way of saying it's "okay" to spend the money).

I'm going the whole mile with Morrocco Method. I purchased the Floating Lotus Conditioner, Blood of the Dragon Gel that can be used as hairspray too, and the Travel Size Shampoos that I rotate. Each time I shampoo my hair I use one of the shampoos -eventually using all five.
Morrocco Method
The shampoos are concentrated so I do a 1:1 ratio with water & shampoo, but might increase it to two parts water and one part shampoo for more distribution. When using all natural shampoo there is no suds so it feels like it's not all over the hair and scalp. I haven't used grocery store products on my hair in years so I'm pretty use to the no suds.

With the conditioner I also do a 1:1 ration with water. I do this again, to make it easier to distribute through my hair. I also use a wide tooth comb and comb it through. When I'm paying what I consider a lot of $$$ I want to make sure I'm not wasting any of it so by adding water it's easier to spread and I feel like I'm getting full hair and scalp coverage ~ otherwise I'd go through the conditioner way too fast.

Another thing I'm doing is I purchased a ~aff bamboo brush. I love, love, the boar brushes but I don't have the time to first use a wide tooth comb to brush out tangles (20+ minutes) then flip my hair upside down and brush (using a boar brush)my hair from the nape of my neck down to push all those good natural oils through my hair (30+ minutes), then flip my hair back up and brush (20 minutes) and repeat three times a day. Nope! Not going to happen.
The boar bristle didn't get the tangles out and are not made to detangle hair. My hubby continues to use an all boar brush from Morrocco Method.I now use a ~aff wood paddle brush. Before purchasing the bamboo wood brush- because the boar brush wasn't working for me, I was only brushing my hair in the shower with a plastic wide tooth comb. My scalp wasn't being massaged. I knew it needed to be but NOT with the boar brush.

So after a year of not 'brushing' my hair (other than in the shower) I finally bought a bamboo brush. It works great. My scalp is now being massaged at least once a day if not every other day. I love my bamboo brush. In fact I purchased ~aff smaller ones for each of my boys, they have thick hair. These work much better for them as well.

Lastly I'm taking It Works ~Skin, Hair, and Nails. My friend Michelle sells these and I'm using the loyal friends club, taking the 90 day challenge. Basically I take a picture of my hair before taking It Works ~Skin, Hair, and Nails, and an after picture so stay tuned for that =)

I'll give you all my honest review (yes, I'm paying for a three month supply) after the three months. Praying for good results :) I've always wanted my hair a bit longer than what it is now which is a little below the shoulder.
Morrocco Method
And of course I'm eating the best I can afford. I eat lots of gelatin. I stay away from processed foods (not saying I NEVER eat it but compared to the average SAD diet eater it's a huge difference). I stay away from dyes and chemicals in my food (again as much as I can, not 100% but I can say this week I haven't had anything with dyes. I did eat a non organic apple so pesticides there but I do wash my fruits & veggies).

I'm praying with the Morrcco Method shampoos & conditioners and the detox along with the vitamins and good food ~that my scalp issues will go away.

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