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Notgrass: From Adam to Us (Review)

The three younger kids and I have been using From Adam to Us by Notgrass and loving it!!! This is a one year world history and literature course.

Recommended Grades: 5th-8th

What we received:
Notgrass did a wonderful job with designing a course that isn't dry and boring. The lessons are written in a narrative fashion to keep the interest of the students. There are many illustrations and the text will mention to look at the pictures on such and such page if on the same page it will read, "look to the left" or "see illustration below".
From Adam To Us by Notgrass

The two main text Part 1 & 2 are gorgeous with full color pictures.Each hardback book has 15 Units for a total of 30 Units. Within the Units are 5 lessons.

Each weekly unit includes:
  • Our World Story: using major events to give a big picture for the kids to see and understand the chronology. For example the Tower of Babel, the conquest of Alexander the Great, the invention of the printing press, and so forth.
  • God's Wonders: children will explore the world's created wonders and how they have influenced the world.
  • World Landmark: exploring places like the Pyramids, Great Wall of China, and so forth which show how people are created in God's image (and were very intelligent from the beginning).
  • World Biography: lessons that relate to the times of some of the most "famous" people that our children are familiar with like Ramses II, Johann Sebastian Bach, etc. 
  • Daily Life: a peek inside how the people lived with colorful illustrations, maps, and pictures of artifacts, etc.
What I love is all the assignments are included at the end of each lesson so your child will know exactly what needs to be done.
From Adam To Us by Notgrass
For example in one lesson your child will work in their:
  • Timeline Book
  • Student Workbook or Lesson Review which ever you are having your child use.
  • Thinking Biblically: Make a chart of the generations from Adam to Noah and the number of years each one lived. See Genesis chapter 5 and also chapter 9:29 for details.
  • Vocabulary: Write the following words that belongs in each sentence (your child will use a composition or notebook to complete this assignment).
  • Creative Writing: Make a list of 15 different ways the people are creative
Depending on the age and abilities of your child you can have them complete all the assignments or pick and choose.

Some lessons have a lighter assignment day.
From Adam to Us
A few more samples of the writing assignments that your child will encounter:
  • Write a one page letter as if you were a centurion during the time of Jesus writing home to his family. Your letter can be from any part of the Roman Empire.
  • Write a story of at least one page about an inn on the silk road.
  • Choose five of the photos in this lesson. Write a brief description of each photo. Under each description write three adjectives that describe the photo.
  • Write a paragraph about how one of the inventions discussed in this lesson is a part of your everyday life.
Some examples of Thinking Biblically:
  • Read Daniel 1:1-7 concerning how Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, came to serve Nebuchadnessar.
  • Read from Peter's letter to his fellow believers in 2 Peter 1:12-18.
  • If you were going to copy only one book from the Bible which would you choose? Write a paragraph explaining your answer.
  • Copy 1 Timothy 1:15
I wanted to share some of the Writing and Thinking Biblically because I really like them. You will need to add a composition book, notebook, or notebook paper in a binder to assignments like the writing, vocabulary, etc.

At the end of each unit is a Family Activity (pages found in the back of each book). Your child will make Sticky Bricks Stonehenge, An Album of Prophets, and Eiffel Tower Collage to name a few.
The Literature Package is sold separately and includes ten books.

How we are using From Adam to Us: I purchased extra workbooks, timeline, and map books so I could use this with three kids. Right now we are using the program together. I read the lessons and the literature book which becomes our current read aloud. We do the map and timeline book seated together. 

The rest of the assignments the children do on their own. I leave the book from Adam to Us on the kitchen table so they can come back and look at the pictures and such for their assignment.  We leave the book in the kitchen since all three kids are sharing it.
From Adam To Us by Notgrass
Our thoughts: The boys are really liking it. Having all the mapwork and timeline work in their own book is great. As much as I LOVE timeline figures -I'm loving that we don't have to cut and glue pieces in our books. It's less paper getting lost. 

I was looking for a Christ Centered history program and Notgrass delivers that. You can see the love they have for Christ with the way they put this program together. Each lesson ends with a scripture. I love how it points everything back to Christ
Bottom line: The program is set up well for kids to use independently. Since I have three kids using the program we do it together. 

Having the assignments after each lesson in the textbook is great because there is no extra assignment book to keep track of. I love that there are no separate teacher lesson plans. Everything is laid out without me going crazy and losing parts of the program.

Love, love, love, the full color text and the maps. Having the maps included in the text is super helpful to "see" where everything is happening.


  1. This looks so rich with the color photos, learning maps, and timeline book. I'm writing this down for possible future considerations.

  2. Thank you for sharing this as I was wondering about this new set they had!

  3. Hi, I'm wondering if you are finished with this program and willing to sell it?

  4. I'm sorry, my teen daughter who is not doing the curriculum but loves the books. She is actually using it along with her other subjects. Thanks though.

  5. What where your children's grade levels when they did this together? Do you think that both a six grader and a third grader could do this, or do you think it will be too hard for the third grader? (I'll be reading the literature with them or listening to the MP3 CDs with them.) If it is a good fit for those levels, will the third grader need his own timeline and map books, and activity book?

    1. I believe they were 6th, 7th, and 8th. I think with you reading it like a read aloud it would work with your 3rd grader. I would purchase the map, timeline, and the lower level activity book for the 3rd grade child.

      There is so much to choose from, so just make sure you pick and choose. Don't feel like you have to do all the assignments.