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Thinking Tree Journals and Flashcards

Do you own lots and lots of cards like flashcards or have some leftover from a lost card game? You hate to throw them out because they have useful information but are not sure WHAT to do with them?

Got maps! Particular the U.S.A maps with tidbits of information about a state or country?

Do you want the kids to keep on learning through summer break (homeschooling or not) BUT don't want it to "look" so much like school? Or do a lighter load over the summer.
Use Flashcards with Thinking Tree Journals
Well dust of those flashcards and get the maps out. Here is another way (and you don't even have to purchase anything) to use the Thinking Tree journals.

Use the cards in place of books. Have your child use the cards for Spelling Time, Reading Time, and Nature Study pages.

Have nature cards, use them on hot summer days instead of having your child go outside. Depending on his age and abilities he can draw and write about nature from one of the cards

Use Flashcards with Thinking Tree Journals

Write a Story About Something that Really Happened, use your history cards. It really happened. Maybe not to you but it did happen (smile & wink).
Use Flashcards with Thinking Tree Journals
Have your child read the back of the card and summarize it!

Copywork, gotcha covered there too with some cards.
Use Flashcards with Thinking Tree Journals

Creative Writing page, done!
Use Flashcards with Thinking Tree Journals
Have your child pick a picture card and write about it. Make up a story and illustrate it.

Reading Time Page: have your child select four cards and write, illustrate, and/or draw what they read.
Use Flashcards with Thinking Tree Journals

So find all those old flashcards and have your child start using them with their Summer Thinking Tree journal (or any journal).

Watch my 3 minute video ~sorry about the mad woman look, hehe.
To see more Thinking Tree videos visit my YouTube page and/or click on Thinking Tree Videos to read/see more ideas here on my blog. The videos I try to keep short so my written post usually have more information.