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Science for Lance

A picture of Lance last week completing a page in his journal. He is currently working through three of them, yikes, a bit much. Not really. He doesn't work in all three in the same day.
The journals he's working through are the Asperger's, an eclectic one, and the library based journal for boys. 

Next year Lance will be in 6th grade and I'm trying to figure out what to use, haha, you'd think I'd have it all planned out with over 12 years of homeschooling under my belt. Crazy, but I don't. Sometimes I feel like a homeschool mama failure but I have to brush that aside otherwise I'd be focusing on me and not my kiddo.

So here are some ideas I have. Lance loves science. I haven't fostered this area. He has mentioned more than once he doesn't want baby science. He wants real science. Then last night he showed me a periodic table and said, "I want to learn this kind of science", light bulb moment for mama.

The only Chemistry course I have is from Apologia, the elementary level but parts of it is packed and I'm not sure if it's really what I am looking for.

I was originally going to use (before the light-bulb moment) one of the science books from Queen Homeschool because I love the whole Charlotte Mason-y thing but for the elementary level I couldn't find one on chemistry.

I really, really, really, wanted to use Queen Homeschool science with him. It looks so fun. I picked All Nature Sings.
I love that Lance would learn through stories and I've been wanting to use this with him for a few years. I should have used this for his 5th grade year (now ending), oh well. Because of the cover I think he would think it's baby science.

Now I'm looking for a 'big kid' science but not too big of a kid kind of science. I am not completely sure yet but I am really looking into Real Science 4 Kids. I think this one just might be doable. It's big kiddish and not overwhelmingly hard to read. 

I still want to do All Nature Sings though =) but Real Science 4 Kids looks really, really, good. I love that it's full color, has a student workbook, it just looks fun. 


  1. If you want an Elemental Science Chemistry with the kit, I can send it out to you :) I need to go and pull it, but it has hands-on experiments that I think Lance would love.

    1. Found it! Oooh, let me take a peek. That is so kind of you. I don't think I've heard of Elemental Science Chemistry.

  2. Did my last comment come through on this post?


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