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Spelling Using Word Hunt

Word Hunt 1, 2, and 3 is part of the Dyslexia Games series. I LOVE these books. Simple yet very effective. I am using these with my kiddos. Actually right now two are using the Fun-Schooling Spelling Journal but once done they will use Word Hunt 3. My kids also use Dyslexia Games so they eventually use all three Word Hunt books.
Word Hunt from Dyslexia Games 
Your child does NOT have be dyslexic to use Word Hunt or Dyslexia Games. Every child (I believe) should use Dyslexia Games. I love the logic, art, and creativity of DG. 

A five minute video walking you through each book, enjoy!
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Sarah is explaining why Word Hunt from her popular Dyslexia Games series is so important ~this also applies to her Fun-Schooling Spelling journal as well. Sarah is a wealth of information, she needs to be speaking at conventions, getting the word out that there is a better way to learn how to spell =)

There is a reason for searching for a certain number of letters in each word. Counting the letters in the words helps kids to remember the words in a new way. They are also counting letters in many other words, not just the ones they write down, so they are experiencing the words in a different part of the brain.

When they count letters they are making new brain synapse connections and strengthening pathways for reading and math.

If the child is moving from place to place while looking around they use more senses. The physical activity is also helpful for hyper active children who need movement; this book gets them out of their seats.

If the student isn't hyper active, and doesn't need extra physical activity, you can let them look for the words in a favorite book, my daughters uses cookbooks. You can have the student do as few as 10 words per day, and use next book in the series at the same time.

It really is important to do Word Hunt, and we have found that this exercise is what helps dyslexics to become good at spelling and writing.

A couple of my kids are a little lazy when it's time to do Word Hunt, they are the same ones who eat too many sweets. They have a few more bad habits than the self-motivated kids, and would choose to sit around drawing, chatting, watching videos, doing facebook or playing mine-craft...and not exercising much. They would not be good unschoolers.

I need to guide and instruct these children more than the others. :)On a positive note they are more focused on their relationships (than on learning) and are delightful to spend time with, caring and sweet. They were late readers and they love both creativity and animals. These are the ones that I really need to encourage to follow through. Every child has different needs for motivation, and there are times to give up on learning activities that they dislike - but I have found that with all of them, Word Hunt is an activity that has triggered break troughs in their reading and writing abilities. In the end they would all rather do Word Hunt than memorize spelling lists and takes tests.

(I was not asked to write about Word Hunt but adding this because I was given Dyslexia Games B & C, I did purchase A)

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