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The AetherLight Chronicles of the Resistance (Review)

Brent has been having fun playing a new game The AetherLight Chronicles of the Resistance.   What I love about this one is it's an allegory of God's story, so when Brent is playing it he's learning about the Bible through game play. In fact there is now a Bible that you can purchase to go with the game! It's a companion Bible to the game, how neat is that. I'm thinking about ordering it for the kids.
The first chapter of the Scarlet Man's adventure lines up with the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac! Hint: Scarlet Man is the good guy, in fact he's recruiting good guys to show them they can make a difference.
The game is about a land called Aethasia. It use to be a beautiful land but that was before the evil emperor name Lucky. He fills the land with a fog that corrupts everything it touches. But there's hope: The Resistance. Your child will become part of the Resistance by helping with restarting the Great Engines to push back the fog.

As your child moves through the game he'll collect unusual items and use logic to solve puzzles by discovering Ancient lost engineering technology. Your child will collect gears and widgets to make their steampunk weapons (nothing violent and there's no blood or gore).

The animation is really neat. I loved just looking at all the detail (they need to make a book of the pictures so I can just stare at all the details, like when I was a kid) as my son played. Your computer screen will become a whole different world. It's beautiful and like I mentioned there so much detail. The world is known as steampunk

I also like that it's not violent. My kiddos unfortunately have been playing way too many war games so I really like this one. And what a bonus as they learn about the Word of God, all while having fun.

Although I LOVE the animation the details of the game it is a point and click type game meaning your child will have to point and click to make things open and click to pound and make the gadgets. To make the characters move you have to click the mouse which is fine with my kiddos.

Even though my kiddos don't play a whole-lot-of point and click we give it a thumbs up. Brent said it's pretty cool and enjoys playing it. The only con is he has to play with it on my computer. I haven't looked into seeing if it can be transferred to his.

A parent perk: there's a Parent's Dashboard which enables you to receive emails of your child's progress which includes questions to ask them helping them to dig deeper in Scripture.

Here is a peek inside the AetherLight Bible.
If you're looking for a fun game that tells the story in allegory form of the greatest story ever told, than you might want to look into the Aetherlight Chronicles of the Resistance. 

This game would be great for ages 10 and older. Brent is the one who helped me with this review but I think I'm going to get this for Lance too. He plays way too many games that have no real value. He wins a battle but it's really nothing. With playing the AetherLight he'll learn biblical truth and that's a good thing!

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