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The Thinking Tree Comparing Journals via Videos

I have been having fun making reviews of The Thinking Tree's journals. It's so ADDICTING!

Here are some where I show which journals are similar:

These are two girl themed journals.
~Same pages -different cover
~Suggested 5-10 pages a day depending on your goals
~Bible journaling pages
~Had Bible verses on the Character pages
~No 'Circle Today's Date' pages
~Library books can be used daily or not depending on how many pages you have your child use
You can purchase both journals at Amazon: 400 Activities & A Delightful Learning Guide.

Both these journals have a more neutral theme.
~No Bible pages
~No 'Circle Today's Date' pages
~Suggested 5-10 pages a day
~Library books can be used daily or not depending on how many pages per day are used
You can purchase HERE and HERE.

Read my Fun-Schooling Journal Review of the four journals above.

The two Fun-Schooling Journals have many of the same pages. One is more boy themed and doesn't have any math problems. The Journal for 2 is obviously more girly and has some math problems that an older sibling or mom (dad, grandma, etc. ) can help with.
Read more about these two journals HERE.

Purchase at Amazon: Ocean cover and Tea Cups cover.
All four Fun-Schooling Journals have:
~Bible Pages
~No "Circle Today's Date" pages
~Suggested 5-10 pages a day
~Depending on how many pages you use your child may or may not use personal library books.

~Tea Cup Journal
~Fish Cover Journal
~Owl Cover
~Dragonfly Cover~

I love these coloring books. You can read The Thinking Tree Coloring Books to find out more.

Three Portfolios ~What's the difference between them?

~12 Subject Portfolio (Tree on Cover)
~12 Subject Portfolio (Music Cover)
~10 Subject Portfolio
12 Subject Portfolio
10 Subject Portfolio 

Comparison between the Winter & Summer journals.

~Winter & Summer Journals

When I made the video below comparing the journals, the Summer journal has since been updated (as of May) but it still pretty similar to the Winter Girl Journal (please see video above). All journals below have no Christian content.
~Library Based (butterfly cover)

There are very minor differences between the Autumn & Creative Girls Journal.
~Both are the 60 Day Plan with the suggested 5-6 pages a day
~On the Reading Time & Spelling Time pages there the small illustrations are different. In one book the picture might be a flower and a pine cone in the other.
~No Circle Today's Date pages in either one
~Other than the first Object Lesson they are the same
Please watch the video to see any other differences.

These two journals were updated May of 2016.
~No Today's Date Pages
~Suggested 5-10 pages

If using one of my Amazon links I do appreciate you doing so. I enjoy helping y'all decide which journal is right for your child but it is a labor of love (because I absolutely love these journals and Sarah's vision for fun schooling), and of my time. I can assure you I'm not getting rich of of you all using my affiliate link but every penny helps, so again, thank you and thank

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