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Thinking Tree Starter Packs For ages 5-9

One question I get asked often is, "Where do I start with using the Thinking Tree?", so here you go! Sarah put together two starter packs that will give you all an idea of where to start your Thinking Tree journey.

This Starter Pack is recommended for Ages 5-9
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure.
Sarah suggest at this age to use Dyslexia Games Sereies A as your child's Language Arts program because it helps with concentrating, reading,handwriting, and spelling. With DG you don't have to 'teach' there is no correcting because your child is using art and logic. If your child misses something that's okay. If they continue to miss things or not see the patterns, do it with them but NEVER say it's wrong. Sit with your child and say, "Oh, look at that line, let's see if "we" put that", this way your "helping" your child (having fun too) and not correcting your child.
If your child is 8 or 9 you might want to take a look at Dyslexia Games B. This series like Series A will help with concentration, reading, handwriting, and spelling, toward the end of this series your child will transition from games and art to writing via copywork.

Using a 100 Words to Read, Write, and Spell along with Dyslexia Games is a non stressful way to learn how to spell and it's fun. Your child will learn about animals too! Read a Mom Tip by Sarah Janisse Brown -just scroll down to the bottom and see what she says about writing and spelling. Very insightful.

She also does a wonderful job explaining why Word Hunt helps a child learn to spell and read this would include the Fun-Schooling Spelling Book as well.

If you can swing it, I'd also add to your Fun-Schooling Starter Pack: How to Homeschool ~A Purse sized Guide to Getting Started (which is recommended in the next Starter Pack) this book goes great with the Mom's Fun-Schooling Handbook and is just packed with helpful ideas. I am graduating my first child this year and I still found the How to Homeschool book refreshing, an encouragement, and learned new things. Sarah doesn't tell you how to homeschool, haha, no pun intended but how to homeschool your children, your unique family, because every family is different and there is no "right" way to homeschool. The sooner you read this book the better :)

And as always feel free to swap a spelling/math and/or journal out for another to make this work for your homeschool.

On a budget? If I had to narrow the Starter Pack down, I'd say a must is Dyslexia Games because it covers multiple 'subjects': reading, spelling, writing.I believe every child should use Dyslexia Games  it's such  a great start for beginning readers, struggling readers, children with learning challenges, it truly is wonderful program to have your child work through. Children are learning while having fun and it's not overwhelming or stressful. What a great way to do "school".

I'd also suggest the journal because your child will use real books to learn. If your child is just beginning to read, use read aloud books. Books that you are reading to your child and have him illustrate, dictate to you, and so forth.

You can find all the books mentioned in the video Here. There are links to each of the books and review links as well. And please check out my YouTube page. I am adding a peek inside of each of the books (work in progress).

~Read about the Starter Pack for Ages 10+ 

The Thinking Tree

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