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A Teen's Guide To The 5 Love Languages (Review)

Years ago when my kiddos were little my husband and I read The Five Love Languages of Children. It really helped us to understand each of our child's love languages. We see which kids that need more mom & dad time, affirmation, and others who likes little gifts.
There is a whole series on the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I was blessed to receive and review A Teen's Guide To The 5 Love Languages.

Quote from the publisher:

"In A Teen’s Guide to the 5 Love Languages, Chapman lays a foundation for what love really is (a choice) and how that translates into all relationships, and takes teens step-by-step through each of the individual love languages—words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and touch. He outlines the general characteristics of each love language, explains the various dialects within each language, and offers practical examples of how to communicate the love languages in the daily ups-and-downs of relationships. He also spends time focusing on helping teens navigate their relationship with their parents and siblings (it doesn’t have to be negative), shares how to handle anger and apologies, and encourages teens to focus on their “tribe.”"

Before your teen starts reading about the 5 Love Language there is a Getting Started: How Many Languages Do You Speak introduction type chapter.

The first 5 chapters focus on the five Love Languages. Each chapter ends with a Pause and Process section. There are questions for your teen to ponder.

  • chapter 6: And You?
  • chapter 7. Family
  • chapter 8. Anger & Apologies
  • chapter 9. Love is a Choice
  • chapter 10. Q &A Candid Chat with Dr. Chapman
Like the first five chapters these also have the Pause & Process. Some chapters have activities for your teen to complete.
Throughout the book (not on every page) there are illustrations and large font words/definitions ~to help the reader "see" and understand in a more non overwhelming or intimidating read. Making it more "pick me up" kind of book =)
I love how Dr. Chapman & Paige Haley Drygas didn't make this a huge 200+ page book. Some of my kiddos are book phobic (I know truly sad considering how much I LOVE books) so this one at 126 pages is perfect!

Gary Chapman does a great job with simplifying the love languages for my phobic reading boys making it easy to understand. He doesn't make it too deep for teens. It's done in a way that doesn't water down the information.

Right now my eldest son Josh (age 18) is reading this book. He saw it on my nightstand and asked to read it (wahoo!). It's a book that all my kids will read before leaving the house. I think it's very important for our young adults to know. These are the types of books that I would have loved to have read during my public school years ~ooks that teach real world stuff like understanding the Five Love Languages which in turn helps to understand others.
Annette 16yrs. (just came home from a three month trip) happened to see it in Joshua's room and is wanting to read it too! Yay!

We love our copy and would like to give one away as well. Please leave comment below Sunday I'll randomly pick a name out of a 'hat'!

This is for U.S. Residents only.

The giveaway is now closed, congratulations Amy!!!


  1. My 13 year old would love this book!!

  2. I have read (have) the adult version and the child version. I would love to add this to our home school library. Have a preteen son now with 3 sisters to follow. I would have them all read this!

    We also let anyone borrow our books as needed so it might even bless more than one family.

    1. Amy,you're the winner! Can you please email me your address so I can forward it to the publisher. You can use my contact form. Please put 5 Love Languages in the subject or title. Thank you !
      Contact form: http://training6hearts4him.blogspot.com/p/contact-me.html or click contact form tab at the top of the blog.

  3. Oh! My 14yr old would love this (and greatly benefit, I might add...)!


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