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MasterBooks ~Biographies of the Revolution Set (Review)

MasterBooks.com is one of my favorite places to "hang" out online. I love, love, love, browsing their site for good books to use in our homeschool. I was excited to be able to review Biographies of the Revolution Set (The Fight for Freedom).
Biographies of the Revolution MasterBooks Review
What I received: The Fight for Freedom physical book and Teacher Guide. You can purchase the student text and Teacher Guide as a download too! I love that Master Books has this option because I can easily print the student pages for more than one child.

Suggested grade levels: 4th-6th

The Teacher Guide (which I absolutely LOVE) includes a detailed schedule. You know me and schedules, I love having that option of things scheduled. Master Books has it down to what pages are to be read per day and when to use the student sheets.

You don't HAVE to stick to the schedule but it's really nice to have has a guide and to keep one on track ; ) And as always, it's a suggested weekly schedule. You all can move as fast or slow or skip things to make it work for your family.
Biographies of the Revolution MasterBooks Review
The student worksheets are perforated and are already 3-hole punched making it easy to put in a binder and/or make copies (for immediate family members only).

The history worksheets are used throughout the week if following the suggested schedule. The child will read the selected pages of the student text then answer some of the questions which makes it manageable for newly independent students.

The Teacher Guide also includes the student worksheets, test, answer key, and recommended resources.

The Student Textbook is awesome! It's full color with lots of pictures and a super bonus is a downloadable audio book. Each chapter of the audio book correlates with the Student Text giving review and additional information. The audio book chapters are scheduled on Fridays (great way to end a school week!).
Biographies of the Revolution MasterBooks Review
The Teacher Guide schedules a one chapter of the Student Text per week. The child will read the assigned pages (if you choose to use the schedule) the first three days of the week (Mon-Wed.), the fourth day the child will choose a project (there are usually 2-3 projects to choose from via the student page from the Teacher Guide), and the fifth day is the chapter test and the optional listening of the audio book (that is a free download).

Each chapter of the Student Text begins with a two page spread. On the left a full color picture of the person or event (as pictured above). The Right has the chapter title, what it's about, and smaller illustrations. The chapter will also include Storytime with Uncle Rick.
Fight for Freedom is a fun read. It's not a dry or boring textbook so don't let the word "textbook" fool you. As your child is reading through the chapter he will encounter, quotes, illustrations, and extra tidbits of information for a more enjoyable read. It's not one long boring chapter.
The font is a good size, not too small for elementary children. Great for struggling readers too because they don't have to strain their eyes trying to read small print, so the larger font size is a plus and we really appreciate that about this book.

You might also be interested in~ Timeline of the Revolution: America Struggles to Become a Nation.


  1. Mikaela and Eli are uaing the Wonders of Creation science sets this year. I also love the PLP. And the books are gorgeous. Oh and I also spend too much time on their website. 😃

    1. Same here, in fact I was drooling over their book yesterday =) I might have Ethan my soon to be 8th grader (can't believe it) use one of their science courses.


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