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This Crazy ~ Wonderful Life of Mine

It's been crazy busy again. My husband's grandma passed away earlier this month so we made an unexpected trip and were gone for five days. We are sad to see her go but at the same time happy that she's with Jesus. She had a stroke about eight years ago and couldn't do anything for herself. Not even talk. Someone had to feed her, bath her, just do everything. I can't imagine living like that.

We arrived home the same day Annette's plain was due to land. Yay! She actually beat us home. She and her Auntie. When we arrived home after a very long 10+ hour car drive, Annette was here to greet us. I've missed my baby girl so much.

She's home and working on a sewing project. It's nice to have my Murder She Write buddy back. We've been watching two a day =)

Joshua is finishing up his school year. Next month he graduates. He's a little late because he's been so busy with work. His regular Starbucks job, working for his dad (lots of hail damage and helping with the apartments), and he also has a job with a friend doing cement work and fencing, so yeah, he's been busy.

I'm really sad to write this because I'd rather not remember 20 years from now but our life has been so busy that we haven't celebrated Joshua's 18th birthday yet.

I did take him out to coffee on his birthday but we haven't celebrates with balloons and such.

My handsome son. Of course we had to take a picture of him next to the sign. This coffee bar actually opened in May (his birthday month!).

Josh 18yrs.
And wouldn't you know it, Josh bought me a gift! A bag of coffee. What a sweet boy I have or young man but he'll always be my sweet boy.
Joshua is in to selling and buying stocks. He's so smart. He is saving for his first rental. He reads lots of good books like real estate, Zig Ziglar books, investments, and such. His dad has a great collection of books that he borrows from. He's an amazing kid (adult). I love that he continues to study his Bible, loves the Lord, and strives to do his best for Jesus.

Caleb is in CA. He and Annette were in Florida for a little over a month and then flew to California in June. Annette came home around July 12 but Caleb stayed in California (and I miss him terribly). Caleb should be back toward the middle of August and I can't wait. It will be four months that my son will be away from home. I can't believe I let him be gone for so long.

Funny how things change. When he was little I never ever would have thought I'd let one of my kids stay with relatives for a week let alone a month. I know he's in good hands and is having the time of his life with Aunties, Grandma & Grandpa, cousins, and his Great Grandma. And he's with people that care about him.

Do I worry, yes of course! I'm his mother. I pray, we skype, I send tons of skype videos, I pray some more. 
Brent 14yrs.
Brent and Ethan left at the end of June too, sniff, sniff. I miss them so much too. My soft spoken Ethan, I worry about him but I know he's having fun.
Ethan 13yrs.
Brent, my wild and crazy guy. He just got a hair cut and looks as handsome as ever. 

Lance, he's being his crazy goofy self. My animated son. He cracks us all up. It's hard to believe he's going to be a preteen, 12 next month. Where has the time gone. Wow, I have 5 teenagers!!!
A Florida trip
Yes, my silly Lance. He's so funny. 

A short video of his silliness ;) 
Wow, Blogger actually uploaded my video. If it works I'll delete the YouTube one. I don't really like these videos floating around on YouTube. I did make it an unlisted video so hopefully that will help it NOT be too out there (ack!).


  1. So who taught him the dance moves? Was that a momma class or a big brothers class?

    1. Good question, I need to investigate and find out where he learned those moves =)


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