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Fruit Tea Licious

Annette is in to a new kind of drink. It's actually a bit weird. I haven't tried these funny drinks yet because they have sugar in them (or at least I'm pretty sure they do). It called FruiTeaLicious.
 There are these little ball of what Annette says is tapioca and they burst with flavor in your mouth.
You get a wide straw to suck up those little round balls, very interesting. The lid is sealed on.
 Brent ruined  a great picture by adding rabbit ears. I really dislike when kids do that. 
 Here is a sweet one of Ethan.
 Annette bought one for Josh to try. They are the cost of a fancy cup of coffee that you'd get at Starbucks.

Class of 2016

My first graduate, so many feelings!

My adult son checking in at the doctor's office for the first time on his own.

Late birthday celebration. Joshua's first coffee press.


I'm not an experienced selfie taker but I tried yesterday (9/25/16) at the coffee shop. Here is me with a goat (is that what it is?)

Brent and me.

This selfie taking is not easy when trying to get everyone in the picture. Maybe I should carry around a selfie stick!

Love his smile!

Class of 2016

It's a bit quiet here at Homeschooling6. My mother-in-law is visiting and we've been pretty busy. My nieces and nephews started back to school too so that's been fun. They look so cute with their backpacks and all.

We won't start our homeschool for another few weeks (after Labor Day). I'm still collecting a few more things for school. I'm almost done. Hopefully I'll get some pictures and videos going soon. My one little corner where I make the videos is kind of dark but it's the only space I have so it will have to do.

Annette took some senior photos of Josh. This one his eyes are a bit squinted. We took this in front of the docotor's office. We had an appointment Monday.

We will take some more today.
His announcements arrived too. I'll have to blog more about them soon.

Josh has been accepted to the Alert Academy. We are excited for him. Please pray as there is a medical issue that came up and it might impact if he will be able to leave in Sept. If Joshua is able to leave he will join Unit 56! I'm so proud of Josh. He's a true soldier for Christ.

Peek Inside the NEW Minecraft Journal by The Thinking Tree

Minecraft using The Thinking Tree
This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure.

Peek inside the newest journal from The Thinking Tree.

You can NOW purchase as a download from Educents. The download has pages that are in color. Some of the pages that you will find in color are the creative writing pages, the font pages, and some of the graphic pages.

You can purchase the physical book on Amazon.

My Boys Are Coming Home

My babies are coming home!!! TODAY!
I can't wait to give them a hug. I miss them so much!!!!

Here they are at their Great Grandma Tanny's house. Look at the nice tan Ethan has. They all look like they've grown some.
Wow, the newest Thinking Tree journal is ranked #3 as a best seller in homeschooling

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure.
And #1 in Hot New Releases, pretty amazing.
And it's still on sale too. Order HERE.

Backpack Day

Saturday the 13th Annette and I helped out with passing out backpacks and school supplies. It was a lot of fun. I love seeing all the excited kids come through the line.

We went with my Sister-in-law and niece. Of course our first stop was Starbucks!

Selfie of Annette and I :)

Annette and her cousin picking out a backpack.

Because Annette was helping she was able to pick a backpack too. The one she's holding is what she picked. There were a lot pretty quilted ones this year.

We arrived at 7:30 and stayed till about 11:00 helping out. I was able to get a backpack for Lance too! I picked the robot one pictured above. I think he'll like it.

My niece treated us to lunch at Whataburger. It was fun and I enjoyed hanging out with my niece and sis and taking a selfie with my daughter :)

Generations on the Move

Saturday my husband dropped my dad and Lance off at the Greyhound bus station. I didn't go because he was on the way to work.

As Lupe was leaving he realized he hadn't taken a picture so he snapped this one at the last minute.
I love it! Grandpa and grandson on a 24 hour bus ride across the states. So cute!

My brother-in-law came up with the catchy title: Generations on the Move

They arrived safely in Georgia Sunday around lunch!

My niece pony-fied my family =)

The Thinking Tree Books are On Sale for a Limited Time

I know some of you don't hang out on Facebook so I wanted to share here as well some Thinking Tree sales. All links to Amazon are affiliate links.

JUST RELEASED!!! And half off at $14.70 (now $18! Still a great price!)

You can see the inside of this one by scrolling down to the comments section. Right now Amazon doesn't have the "Look Inside" feature just yet as it was released yesterday (the 15th).

Fun-Schooling with Minecraft Journal pdf and in color HERE!

This one too!
Unfortunately the Horse Dreams journal doesn't have a peek inside. Naomi, Sarah's 11yr. old daughter created this one and it's really, really, nice. I was able to see the inside. The flash sale for both of these is a few days so don't wait =)

Only $4.50!

The Kindle version of Windows to Our World is FREE.  I really enjoyed reading this book. I stayed up till 2:00 A.M. reading it. 
Window's to Our World is a wonderful love story about Sarah from The Thinking Tree. Her love for Jesus, her hubby, kids, life, and dyslexia .I was privileged to hang out with Sarah and Josh. You can truly see God's love in their lives, so be encouraged and get the book.

I don't know how much longer these two coloring books will be on sale. These are the Secret Village coloring books. One is a sketch book and journal book as well. The other is the Large Edition of the Secret Village. They run between $12-$15 and currently are $7.50 and $8.50. I'm sorry for the rush-like post but I'm not going to be on the computer over the weekend and I don't know how long the sale will last. And I need to get off the computer soon, so I'm sorry.

The Big Sister and Little Sister is only $10 right now. Take a peek via my video!
Water color blending tool and the oil pastel blender both can be found at Amazon or your local craft store.

Ember's Favorite Things coloring book is %50 off!
Another one is Fun-Schooling for Mom's of Preschoolers written by Sarah's mom ($5 off).
If you like cats this one is on sale too!
Library Based Journal for Boys is almost $10 off.
All About Horses is on sale as well.

This one is not a Thinking Tree book Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book by Johanna Basford is under $9! I snagged one.

Again, I apologize. Writing this at the last minute was not a good idea. Next time I'll add more pictures and such.

Again, I don't know how long the sale will last so hurry on over and get your coloring books!

Hotel Schooling

Last weekend my husband, Annette, and Joshua attended a real estate/investment conference which ran from 9-5 and sometimes till 6:00 P.M.

Lance and I tagged along. We all packed up and left Friday morning. Lupe and the kids went to the conference while Lance and I hung out in the Hilton lobby. It was actually really nice because there were no distractions and we got a little schooling done.
Lance worked in his Language Smarts book from the Critical Thinking Co., did a little fun-schooling in his Winter Boys Journal from The Thinking Tree, The Case of the Missing Mountain by Master Books, and played some Clash of Clans on my phone.

The bathroom was right around the corner. The Hilton was huge and yet every time I used the restroom there was nobody in there. The paper towels to dry my hands were so soft and thick, haha. Not your average towels from Target or Walmart bathrooms. All you need is one to dry your hands =)

The second day Lance and I spent the day in our hotel, the one with the little lobby which didn't have a Starbucks, several gift shops, restaurant, no beautiful fountains, but was still nice, just not Hilton gorgeous :)

Saturday we were going to be stuck in the hotel while hubby and the kids were at the conference. Of course I didn't mind. I had stocked us up on goodies so we were set and it was so nice not to have any home chores or the computer to distract us.

We were able to fit at least a few hours of school in on Saturday. 

I read three books from Annette's Heart of Dakota curriculum. I read one on Friday, one on Saturday, and one on Sunday. They were so good and since I had no chores I was able to read, read, read!

What did I read: Quiet Thunder, A Heart for Any Fate, and Gideon's Call (aff. links). Sorry no pictures. My camera is acting up. It's not so simple as click and upload anymore. It's more like click, upload to FB, download to my computer, then load to my blog, grrr, but it is what it is. No fun though.

Lance also played some minecraft on the tablet.

Sunday Lance and I were back at the Hilton lobby from 9-5! We did some school.

Here he is reading some history and filling out a few pages in his journal. After lunch we went to Starbucks and enjoyed some coffee and did a little more school. In between school time I read and he played games.

We found a good size table for schooling. I had planned to color but ended up reading.

 And of course Lance was his silly self. My sweet boy will be on his way to Georgia tomorrow (Sat.). I'm going to miss him.

It was a very enjoyable weekend. I loved the break from housework and boxes and distractions. Lance and I had a swell time even though we spent a good 18 hours in a luxurious hotel lobby. 

And my baby turned 12 that weekend too!!! We won't be able to actually celebrate until he gets back from Georgia though. I am taking him out for a cup of java today for sure.

2016/2017 Box Day! Fun, Fun, Fun!

We, um I, had a box day on Monday. I was so excited! My sweet Annette wasn't here to open her Heart of Dakota: U.S. 1 (high school) so yeah, I opened it for her, teehee.

Sorry that's it's in video. I am having problems with taking pictures with my camera. My computer doesn't want to recognize the camera sd card (think that's the name) so I am not able to upload my photos right now. I'm not sure how or when that will be fixed.

Right now I have to take a picture with my phone. When I plug my phone to transfer the pictures they all don't show up. I don't know what's going on. I click on all the photos I want transferred but an error comes up saying try again.

So, now I have to upload the pictures to facebook. I do this so only I can see the pictures because I don't want all my photos on FB (that's why I blog). I then have to go to my computer and download them and save the pictured on my computer. It's a pain!!!

Back to the Box Day post, hehe. I have a part 2 because my phone stopped. Using my phone to record is new to me.

More goodies.

And again, sorry for the two part videos. My phone stopped. I think I have to delete pictures from it because it said the memory is pretty full.

Haha, in the second video I'm trying to remember what the kiddos will learn using the journals. I admit, I forgot. 

Let the Rocks Cry Out covers: geology, volcanoes, earthquakes, light, sound, and more. I remember now, I purchased it because it will go with his regular science (which hasn't arrived yet).

I plan for Ethan to use Historical Geography by Master Books.

I still have things whirring around in my head. I don't have everything pinned down yet as to what we'll use. Ack, not good considering we are in August. 

My goal this year is to spend way less and I have. We had a $1,200 budget which most of it went toward Annettte's school. Her Heart of Dakota was over $800. The rest went toward some of the boys things like Bible, a few extra's (like the science books in the videos), and consumables that we needed.

With the rest of our stuff I earned or am going to have to dig through boxes in our home to complete, so yeah, it's been crazy!

Summer Days at Homeschooling 6 (Missing my babies and updates)

I miss my Ethan. He's so sweet. I can't wait till August 18th because that's the day he will come home.
 We took this picture before he left. I think we were Skyping with Caleb.
Here he is (Brent in the background) at his Great Grandma Tanny's house picking some lemons for his Auntie MaryEllen. 

My Grandma's backyard use to be green with grass but now it's too much for her so a lot of the grass has died. My grandfather (he passed away when I was a teenager) planted lemons, avocado, apple, orange, fig, and a few other trees on their property. A dream for me. I'd love to have all those trees in my backyard. Imagine the money we'd save. 

Around July 9th we took an unexpected trip to El Paso. My grandmother-in-law passed away.  
Although we are sad to see her go we know she's in a better place. She had a stroke eight years ago that left her wheelchair bound. She wasn't able to move. She wasn't able to feed herself or even talk. It was really sad to see her like that, trapped in her body. 

  We rented a nice two bedroom condo type place. Josh reading the 'paper' and checking his stocks online. He saved up for that laptop a year ago. 
 We played Bananagrams and Mexican Train.
 Lance loved having his own bed. At the time Annette was still in California. Brent and Caleb too. They had just left about five days before. 
So with only two kiddos they each had their own bed at the hotel (condo).
 It was super hot in El Paso. We survived drinking our Green Lemonade. Lemonade with chlorophyll added.
 Lance being silly as always.

Let's see, what else has been happening at Homeschooling6.

Oh, my niece works at Whataburger so last Sunday we ate there.
 It's so good having my baby girl home.
July 24th
 I'm a weekend carb eater. I don't go crazy but I will enjoy lunch with my family and not worry about eating the bread or french-fries now.

I don't eat sugary things like sodas, cake, ice cream, etc. It's only things like burgers. I still stay away from the bread baskets on our date nights but will eat a fish taco with the tortilla. Things like that.

Awe, too bad this one didn't come out right. I guess the window didn't help.

In the picture below Annette is using her water bottle that Auntie H. bought her. She wanted me to take a pic and send it to her Auntie showing that she uses it.
 Our favorite Coffee Shop has reopened. I took a picture of Annette in front of the calendar hanging in the back.
The reason Shoemaker & Heardt is reopening is because of the damage from the back to back hail storms in April. It's been a crazy few months for us all. Many neighborhoods still have boarded up windows. In one neighborhood almost all the people had to move out. It's kind of a ghost town neighborhood. We are still working on our house too.

That's it for today. There are so many more photos I want to share like our Disney World trip and when Annette and I went to the South Carolina Convention. I really need to get more organized.

Oh, and I'm so super excited because today Annette's HOD: Hearts for Him Through High School~U.S. 1~ books should be here.

I really wish this program would have worked out for my boys. I love the Christ Centered teaching. I'm amazed how much Annette is learning about Christ love, how to study his word, and to really analyze and dig deeper in God's word. If she has a question about something she will pull out Bible references and start learning. It's neat to watch her.