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Class of 2016

It's a bit quiet here at Homeschooling6. My mother-in-law is visiting and we've been pretty busy. My nieces and nephews started back to school too so that's been fun. They look so cute with their backpacks and all.

We won't start our homeschool for another few weeks (after Labor Day). I'm still collecting a few more things for school. I'm almost done. Hopefully I'll get some pictures and videos going soon. My one little corner where I make the videos is kind of dark but it's the only space I have so it will have to do.

Annette took some senior photos of Josh. This one his eyes are a bit squinted. We took this in front of the docotor's office. We had an appointment Monday.

We will take some more today.
His announcements arrived too. I'll have to blog more about them soon.

Josh has been accepted to the Alert Academy. We are excited for him. Please pray as there is a medical issue that came up and it might impact if he will be able to leave in Sept. If Joshua is able to leave he will join Unit 56! I'm so proud of Josh. He's a true soldier for Christ.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Annette did a wonderful job of taking pictures. Those came out great! Josh is so handsome and he looks like a natural model. The backgrounds are nice too. Love them!

    That's awesome that he got accepted to the Alert Academy. I'll be praying for Josh's situation.


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