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Generations on the Move

Saturday my husband dropped my dad and Lance off at the Greyhound bus station. I didn't go because he was on the way to work.

As Lupe was leaving he realized he hadn't taken a picture so he snapped this one at the last minute.
I love it! Grandpa and grandson on a 24 hour bus ride across the states. So cute!

My brother-in-law came up with the catchy title: Generations on the Move

They arrived safely in Georgia Sunday around lunch!

My niece pony-fied my family =)


  1. So, I saw the picture of Dad and Lance at the bus station and I was with Brent, Ethan, and Caleb...so I showed them the picture and they all started laughing because they thought Lance looked so little next to Dad! Caleb even wanted me to send the picture to him (which I did). Good time! I'm gonna miss those nephews!!

  2. Cute photo and caption for a memorable moment.


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