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Hotel Schooling

Last weekend my husband, Annette, and Joshua attended a real estate/investment conference which ran from 9-5 and sometimes till 6:00 P.M.

Lance and I tagged along. We all packed up and left Friday morning. Lupe and the kids went to the conference while Lance and I hung out in the Hilton lobby. It was actually really nice because there were no distractions and we got a little schooling done.
Lance worked in his Language Smarts book from the Critical Thinking Co., did a little fun-schooling in his Winter Boys Journal from The Thinking Tree, The Case of the Missing Mountain by Master Books, and played some Clash of Clans on my phone.

The bathroom was right around the corner. The Hilton was huge and yet every time I used the restroom there was nobody in there. The paper towels to dry my hands were so soft and thick, haha. Not your average towels from Target or Walmart bathrooms. All you need is one to dry your hands =)

The second day Lance and I spent the day in our hotel, the one with the little lobby which didn't have a Starbucks, several gift shops, restaurant, no beautiful fountains, but was still nice, just not Hilton gorgeous :)

Saturday we were going to be stuck in the hotel while hubby and the kids were at the conference. Of course I didn't mind. I had stocked us up on goodies so we were set and it was so nice not to have any home chores or the computer to distract us.

We were able to fit at least a few hours of school in on Saturday. 

I read three books from Annette's Heart of Dakota curriculum. I read one on Friday, one on Saturday, and one on Sunday. They were so good and since I had no chores I was able to read, read, read!

What did I read: Quiet Thunder, A Heart for Any Fate, and Gideon's Call (aff. links). Sorry no pictures. My camera is acting up. It's not so simple as click and upload anymore. It's more like click, upload to FB, download to my computer, then load to my blog, grrr, but it is what it is. No fun though.

Lance also played some minecraft on the tablet.

Sunday Lance and I were back at the Hilton lobby from 9-5! We did some school.

Here he is reading some history and filling out a few pages in his journal. After lunch we went to Starbucks and enjoyed some coffee and did a little more school. In between school time I read and he played games.

We found a good size table for schooling. I had planned to color but ended up reading.

 And of course Lance was his silly self. My sweet boy will be on his way to Georgia tomorrow (Sat.). I'm going to miss him.

It was a very enjoyable weekend. I loved the break from housework and boxes and distractions. Lance and I had a swell time even though we spent a good 18 hours in a luxurious hotel lobby. 

And my baby turned 12 that weekend too!!! We won't be able to actually celebrate until he gets back from Georgia though. I am taking him out for a cup of java today for sure.


  1. Happy Birthday to Lance. I know you'll miss him.

    How do you like Language Smarts? I've used a few things from Critical Thinking, but hadn't looked at that one.

    1. Hi, Rhonda, I wrote a little about it in this post http://training6hearts4him.blogspot.com/2016/03/language-smarts-d-critical-thinking-co.html

      I like it but wish we were more consistent with using it.

  2. Love time away to just focus now and then. Lance looks like he's hiding to play games in that one pic;)

    1. I don't know why he chose that area but I think it was the best spot to have his device plugged in (sigh). =)

  3. I'm sure your son will remember his hotel schooling! On our recent road trip, I left school behind. I wish I had brought a read aloud book.


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