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Summer Days at Homeschooling 6 (Missing my babies and updates)

I miss my Ethan. He's so sweet. I can't wait till August 18th because that's the day he will come home.
 We took this picture before he left. I think we were Skyping with Caleb.
Here he is (Brent in the background) at his Great Grandma Tanny's house picking some lemons for his Auntie MaryEllen. 

My Grandma's backyard use to be green with grass but now it's too much for her so a lot of the grass has died. My grandfather (he passed away when I was a teenager) planted lemons, avocado, apple, orange, fig, and a few other trees on their property. A dream for me. I'd love to have all those trees in my backyard. Imagine the money we'd save. 

Around July 9th we took an unexpected trip to El Paso. My grandmother-in-law passed away.  
Although we are sad to see her go we know she's in a better place. She had a stroke eight years ago that left her wheelchair bound. She wasn't able to move. She wasn't able to feed herself or even talk. It was really sad to see her like that, trapped in her body. 

  We rented a nice two bedroom condo type place. Josh reading the 'paper' and checking his stocks online. He saved up for that laptop a year ago. 
 We played Bananagrams and Mexican Train.
 Lance loved having his own bed. At the time Annette was still in California. Brent and Caleb too. They had just left about five days before. 
So with only two kiddos they each had their own bed at the hotel (condo).
 It was super hot in El Paso. We survived drinking our Green Lemonade. Lemonade with chlorophyll added.
 Lance being silly as always.

Let's see, what else has been happening at Homeschooling6.

Oh, my niece works at Whataburger so last Sunday we ate there.
 It's so good having my baby girl home.
July 24th
 I'm a weekend carb eater. I don't go crazy but I will enjoy lunch with my family and not worry about eating the bread or french-fries now.

I don't eat sugary things like sodas, cake, ice cream, etc. It's only things like burgers. I still stay away from the bread baskets on our date nights but will eat a fish taco with the tortilla. Things like that.

Awe, too bad this one didn't come out right. I guess the window didn't help.

In the picture below Annette is using her water bottle that Auntie H. bought her. She wanted me to take a pic and send it to her Auntie showing that she uses it.
 Our favorite Coffee Shop has reopened. I took a picture of Annette in front of the calendar hanging in the back.
The reason Shoemaker & Heardt is reopening is because of the damage from the back to back hail storms in April. It's been a crazy few months for us all. Many neighborhoods still have boarded up windows. In one neighborhood almost all the people had to move out. It's kind of a ghost town neighborhood. We are still working on our house too.

That's it for today. There are so many more photos I want to share like our Disney World trip and when Annette and I went to the South Carolina Convention. I really need to get more organized.

Oh, and I'm so super excited because today Annette's HOD: Hearts for Him Through High School~U.S. 1~ books should be here.

I really wish this program would have worked out for my boys. I love the Christ Centered teaching. I'm amazed how much Annette is learning about Christ love, how to study his word, and to really analyze and dig deeper in God's word. If she has a question about something she will pull out Bible references and start learning. It's neat to watch her.

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