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The Thinking Tree Books are On Sale for a Limited Time

I know some of you don't hang out on Facebook so I wanted to share here as well some Thinking Tree sales. All links to Amazon are affiliate links.

JUST RELEASED!!! And half off at $14.70 (now $18! Still a great price!)

You can see the inside of this one by scrolling down to the comments section. Right now Amazon doesn't have the "Look Inside" feature just yet as it was released yesterday (the 15th).

Fun-Schooling with Minecraft Journal pdf and in color HERE!

This one too!
Unfortunately the Horse Dreams journal doesn't have a peek inside. Naomi, Sarah's 11yr. old daughter created this one and it's really, really, nice. I was able to see the inside. The flash sale for both of these is a few days so don't wait =)

Only $4.50!

The Kindle version of Windows to Our World is FREE.  I really enjoyed reading this book. I stayed up till 2:00 A.M. reading it. 
Window's to Our World is a wonderful love story about Sarah from The Thinking Tree. Her love for Jesus, her hubby, kids, life, and dyslexia .I was privileged to hang out with Sarah and Josh. You can truly see God's love in their lives, so be encouraged and get the book.

I don't know how much longer these two coloring books will be on sale. These are the Secret Village coloring books. One is a sketch book and journal book as well. The other is the Large Edition of the Secret Village. They run between $12-$15 and currently are $7.50 and $8.50. I'm sorry for the rush-like post but I'm not going to be on the computer over the weekend and I don't know how long the sale will last. And I need to get off the computer soon, so I'm sorry.

The Big Sister and Little Sister is only $10 right now. Take a peek via my video!
Water color blending tool and the oil pastel blender both can be found at Amazon or your local craft store.

Ember's Favorite Things coloring book is %50 off!
Another one is Fun-Schooling for Mom's of Preschoolers written by Sarah's mom ($5 off).
If you like cats this one is on sale too!
Library Based Journal for Boys is almost $10 off.
All About Horses is on sale as well.

This one is not a Thinking Tree book Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book by Johanna Basford is under $9! I snagged one.

Again, I apologize. Writing this at the last minute was not a good idea. Next time I'll add more pictures and such.

Again, I don't know how long the sale will last so hurry on over and get your coloring books!

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