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2016/2017 Box Day! Fun, Fun, Fun!

We, um I, had a box day on Monday. I was so excited! My sweet Annette wasn't here to open her Heart of Dakota: U.S. 1 (high school) so yeah, I opened it for her, teehee.

Sorry that's it's in video. I am having problems with taking pictures with my camera. My computer doesn't want to recognize the camera sd card (think that's the name) so I am not able to upload my photos right now. I'm not sure how or when that will be fixed.

Right now I have to take a picture with my phone. When I plug my phone to transfer the pictures they all don't show up. I don't know what's going on. I click on all the photos I want transferred but an error comes up saying try again.

So, now I have to upload the pictures to facebook. I do this so only I can see the pictures because I don't want all my photos on FB (that's why I blog). I then have to go to my computer and download them and save the pictured on my computer. It's a pain!!!

Back to the Box Day post, hehe. I have a part 2 because my phone stopped. Using my phone to record is new to me.

More goodies.

And again, sorry for the two part videos. My phone stopped. I think I have to delete pictures from it because it said the memory is pretty full.

Haha, in the second video I'm trying to remember what the kiddos will learn using the journals. I admit, I forgot. 

Let the Rocks Cry Out covers: geology, volcanoes, earthquakes, light, sound, and more. I remember now, I purchased it because it will go with his regular science (which hasn't arrived yet).

I plan for Ethan to use Historical Geography by Master Books.

I still have things whirring around in my head. I don't have everything pinned down yet as to what we'll use. Ack, not good considering we are in August. 

My goal this year is to spend way less and I have. We had a $1,200 budget which most of it went toward Annettte's school. Her Heart of Dakota was over $800. The rest went toward some of the boys things like Bible, a few extra's (like the science books in the videos), and consumables that we needed.

With the rest of our stuff I earned or am going to have to dig through boxes in our home to complete, so yeah, it's been crazy!


  1. How fun to see all those wonderful books! I'm so curious about the HOD high school guides :) I hope your daughter enjoys it!

    1. Thanks! I was so excited opening and seeing all the books that I didn't even notice the High School guide wasn't in there, haha. Later when looking at the invoice it said it was on back order. =-)

  2. Happy Box Days! You know that we love HOD! I know your daughter will love all those "beauty full" books! I'm using 2 guides this year and I know that we will have a wonderful year, too.