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ALERT Academy

Yesterday more photos were posted to the ALERT Academy Facebook Page. Yay. They are all of the same night (R-Night). It's been five days since my Joshy left and I miss him so much.
photo credit: International ALERT Academy
 I couldn't wait to see a photo of Josh with super short hair. I have never seen his hair so short. As excited as I was a whole new set of emotions came forth that I wasn't expecting. One was CHANGE. This experience is going to change my son. I know it's a good experience but I also know he will come home a bit different. Josh was mature in many ways but still their were areas for growth.

Growth that I want for Josh but will miss that last bit of immature-ness. While in ALERT they are not allowed to "horse" around. Will Josh still be fun loving?

Most of all I'm worried about our bond. I know that some day Joshua (and all my boys) will go off and get married. Love someone more than mom (as it should be), but for now, what if it's gone. What if that love for mom is more distant. I don't know - I just have a lot of heart issues with missing Josh.

I think for dads it's different. When Josh was little and needing to be more of a dad's boy than mom, I was and am willing to let him go and grow up to be the man God wants him to be. I understand that boys need their dads but this is different. I am not trying to keep him close and not let him become his own. I just miss him.
 Out of all the gear to take a picture of IT'S JOSHUA'S. I was so HAPPY. These photos are all I have to SEE Josh. Even a photo of his gear makes me happy. Auntie Cynce and Uncle Don the backpack is what Josh purchased with the money you sent.

We were so blessed to have family and friends help out financially. Thanks to a friend we were able to put $200 in an ALERT credit account for Josh. If he needs more socks, a shirt, or even shampoo he can purchase some at the ALERT store.

Auntie R & Uncle C and Grandma/pa helped buy the tent. Auntie V bought him some awesome hiking socks and has been a huge encouragement to Josh.

I'm so proud of Joshua. He worked hard and saved the $3,465 and the application fee. I so wanted to pay it all for him but am thankful he was so willing. I know it will be a great motivator for him.
 Here the guys were told to obtain their gear which was outside and return to their designated spot.
Here is a picture taken before they cut his hair. Joshua was introduced to his Squad Leader and the guys that will be in his squad unit. The binder books on the floor contain the book of 1 Peter, hymns, and some patriotic songs I believe.

And that is another set of coveted photos of Josh and what he's up to. What makes it hard on this mama is not being able to hear his voice over the phone, receiving a text message, or email. Not being able to ask, "What did you have for supper?" or "Did you forget anything?" or "How did your first day go?" just simple things like that. 

I can email him but he will have to write snail mail which I'm thankful for but it's not the same. Okay, enough about how much I'm missing Joshua. I'm not all sadness. I'm happy for him. I know he will really lean on God and his relationship with Him will grow. I know he's in for an amazing adventure (as we like to call it). There will be homesickness but also growing. His walk with God is just getting better. I pray daily for him. I write him too. I pray that writing him almost daily via email does not cause more homesickness. I don't want to do anything that will make this harder for him. 


  1. Sweet momma. Praying for you through the rampant emotions you are going through. God has this and will hold both of you in His hand. Yet another connection to your boy! Prayers! - Lori

    1. Thank you Lori. I heart your words of encouragement.

  2. Oh oh Linda, how hard it must be for you. And for Josh, I thought about homesickness and have been praying about that for him. He will surely make it! But yes it is also exciting. Exciting to see him grow up into a strong Christian man!! Exciting to see pics of him in the academy. What about Lupe, how is he taking all this? i am still reading 1Peter and praying for Josh. Love You All, Auntie Emily

    1. Yes, you are so right Auntie. Knowing he is growing into a strong Christian man makes it all worth it. Lupe seems to be fine, lol. Thanks for reading 1Peter and praying for him. It means so much to me and I did let him know you are reading 1 Peter too. Love you!

  3. Just as you are proud of josh, I am proud of you! You both will grow!! Love reading about this adventure!!

  4. I'm so glad to see that you are getting little glimpses of him while he's away.