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Back-to-school Picture

My friend gave me this idea. Caleb and I came home from the post office. We mailed a package to Joshua.

I noticed our shadows and thought how my friend took pictures of their shadows and I thought they came out pretty neat.

I'm only sad that Joshua wasn't here to be in it (and that rascal Lance was asleep).
First it was Caleb and I, then I went in the house and told the rest of the kiddos what I wanted to do. Lance was still sleeping at almost 9:00!!! Unfortunately he's not in the pictures below.
 In order from left to right: Annette, Caleb, Mom, Ethan, and Brent.
In the one above Ethan is being silly and has his blanket on his head.

 This one would have been nice if the sun wasn't in Caleb's face.


  1. Aww...I love shadow pictures! Thanks for sharing, dear friend.

    1. I just realized that in one of the pictures Ethan has a blanket on his head, silly guy. I love this idea and am not sure why we didn't do this earlier.


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