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Bible Bunny Learns to Read by The Thinking Tree (Review)

This post may contain affiliate links.
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The Thinking Tree has a new journal out. It's super adorable: Bible Bunny. It's a wonderful companion book to Teach Your Child to Read, Write, & Spell: 100 Easy Bible Verses.

This is a 6x8 journal ~perfect for little hands to carry and so much more fun to work in because the children will think of it as just their size!

Your little one can learn to read 30 Bible verses with Bible Bunny and all the siblings!

Each Bible verse is centered around a word like: trust, fear, hope, needs, confidence, and so forth. There are six activities per verse. Each page has a different activity. All fun and adorable. Your child will:

  • Color a picture
  • Read a verse (mom can help if needed)
  • Dot-to-dots
  • Color words
  • Complete logic puzzles
  • Trace and color a picture
  • Draw a picture about the verse
  • Copy the Bible verse
  • Thank God or write a prayer

 I love the dot-to-dots that are included in this journal:Bible Bunny. 

The verse correlates with the "main" word ~used for the week (a week if your child is doing 1 page a day). For beginning readers, can read the verse several times first. Point to each word as you say it. Everyday before starting a new page, I'd suggest to go over the verse with your child again.

A fun way to remember and memorize the verse is to copy each word on a separate piece of paper. Then have the child hop on each paper with the word you called out. Depending on the child's age you can put the words in order to memorize the verse and then mix them up to help remember the word. You'll have your little bunnies hopping all over the place.

Use index cards to put the verse in order on the table. The possibility are endless with using the verse as a springboard with teaching your child to read.

Again depending on the age of your child use magnets to spell words like 'trouble' for older kids and words like 'not' for younger ones. If you don't have magnets write the words on paper or index cards and cut the up. Use cubes with letters on them too!
 Tracing the bunny helps with fine motor skills related to writing. Coloring gives your child time to be calm and in a more relaxed state which can help a child remember what he's learning.

 Drawing a picture about the verse is another way to retain what the child is learning and grasp the meaning of the verse. I have a friend who has her child draw pictures in order of the verse to help her child memorize it.

I love the little logic puzzles too. They are non stressful but has a purpose too, working those little minds.
Google copywork and you'll find many articles and blog post of the benefits of copywork. It's amazing that a simple concept can be so powerful with learning how to put words together, spell, read, and write. You can even go over a few grammar and/or punctuation rules (keeping it fun of course). Say, "Why do you think that comma is there?" let your child think about, encourage, and explain it always ending with, "Great job!" or some other words of affirmation.

Thank you God for, what a great way to end a set of activity pages !

Another wonderful journal by The Thinking Tree. These books are amazing. I love the non stressful way the Thinking Tree helps children learn to read, write, & spell.

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