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Coffee With Grandma and Books Too

Grandma has been busy with the kids. She takes them all around town. Yesterday Annette treated her to a coffee.
 We went from a the little table to a more comfortable area. We loved all the pretty things in the background.
Annette is my sweet girl. I love her so much. Grandma loved her coffee and the atmosphere of Shoemaker & Hardt Coffee. She said it was very relaxing, that is up until my sweet hubby texted me saying the window guy was going to be at our house around 12:45, ack, it was 12:30 when I got the text. We were almost done with our coffee, so that was a good thing.

Thankfully we live around the corner and were able to get to the house. When we got home Joshua was already taking care of business. The window guy actually arrived at 12:20 and had just finished when we arrived.
I loved this creamer carafe.It's smaller than than the one I have. A perfect size. I wonder if they will order me one.
This is a garden piece. I don't know how old it is but it appears to be made out of cement! I thought it was wood until I picked it up. It was heavy. I then thought it was cast iron. Upon noticing the top being chipped it looked like cement.
Of course I want one of these coloring books but after paying for Brent's, Ethan's, Caleb's, and my coffee, uh, no. The coloring books are on sale for $10.

Joshua and Caleb didn't make it. They were with grandpa at the DMV. Josh needed an I.D. card. They waited for 2 hours in line even though he arrived just as it opened. When it was his turn the lady told him he needed an electricity bill. He had taken his social security card, birth certificate, permit which is really nice compared to the one I got back in the days. He also took is W2 form, something from his stocks too! And the lady still wouldn't let him get his I.D.

He went to another DMV and was in and out in 30 minutes with his temporary I.D. Crazy.

Once we left the house again after the window guy left we where off to Half Price Books.

Look at what I got for $25!!!
 I found the Discover Bible in KJV and LARGE print for $3. Most of the other books were a $1 but I actually got them for $0.90 with my 10% off teacher discount. Wahoo.

 After Half Price books we went to Brooklyn's Pizza to see if it was the place we wanted to have Joshua's graduation dinner. Sadly it's closed for repairs.
Our last stop was Marco's Pizza. This was another option for his graduation dinner. We are inviting a few families to celebrate with us. We preferred Brooklyn because it's a more upscale pizza place but this will do. We wanted a higher end pizza place because of the importance of the celebration. Graduating is a huge accomplishment. I want him to know we are so proud of him.

I think I'm scarred from my graduation day, bwahahaha. We didn't do anything. I ordered my own pizza, pizza from Little Ceasers for our mediated family and we ate in the living room. Anyway, I want my kiddos to know how special they are and we are proud of them.

I don't have the pictures yet but later when Lupe got home we went to REI to purchase things for Alert Academy. Joshua saved all year. I purchased a lot of the smaller items which came to $200.

Joshua's purchases came out to $1100. We are so thankful that some items were 30% off like his hiking shoes and backpacks (he needs two pairs of hiking shoes/boots and 2 different kind of backpacks). I think he saved almost $50 on the larger backpack.

I took pictures of him shopping and paying for his goods.

We still don't have the go ahead from his doctor. We are waiting on the results. If he goes he will leave next Friday. If he does have a heart problem and can't go we will take some stuff back. But with purchasing many of the items (we still have a few smaller things to get) we felt so accomplished. It's a little weight off of us knowing we have almost every thing he will need.

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  1. So much beauty in this post - family, a quaint little coffee / bookstore, pizza and love! The creamer carafe is darling!