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First Letter

Dear Josh,

I woke up at 5:00 A.M. and first thing I though of was you 😊 I prayed for you today and will continue to pray throughout the day too!

When we left you yesterday we headed home. Part way Ethan got car sick and we had to pull over, yuck! But thankfully it didn't happen in the car. I gave him my bag that was holding my french fries from Wing Stop but he didn't need it.

When we drove into town we had dinner at Taco Delight. Not my favorite place but it was good. They have these new pork tacos and they were actually pretty good. Caleb ordered, you guessed it, a cheese quesadilla. His plate came with sour cream and guacamole which he let me have so my tacos were even better. 

Guess what, dad ordered you a sweet tea. We are so use to ordering 8 drinks. It will take some getting use to. We miss you.

When we got home dad searched Red Box for a movie. Your cousin came over to watch the movie with us. It was nice but I missed having you.

I can't wait to hear about your first day at Alert. Please give details, lol.  You know your mama loves details. I'll help you out with some questions, hehe.
  • How was your first night? 
  • Are you on the top or bottom bunk? 
  • What did you have for dinner? (I was wondering while eating my tacos)
If you need anything let us know and I'll send it of pronto. 

Annette said to tell you "Hi". Dad and the boys are out getting hair cuts. I can't wait to see yours (wink). I have never seen your hair so short, so yes, I can't wait to see how you look.

As I'm writing I am drinking my butter/MCT Oil coffee in my Alert mug. 

Love you lots,

 Mom ><>



  1. The precious words of a mama's heart. I am praying for you and Josh while he is away. ((hugs))


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