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Fun Monday

I had planned to take the kiddos to the coffee shop last Friday but it didn't happen. Annette ended up being with my dad and we wanted her with us, so we went today.

It was a sort of back-to-homeschool end-of-the week type splurge.

And guess what? Later like around 9:00 P.M. we went to Braum's. The kiddos were happy about that. It's not everyday we splurge twice!

Annette had a soccer game tonight. When we arrived at the part where she as to play it wan canceled because of a lightening storm, so we decided to go to Braum's.

I even let Ethan order a banana split. He was so excited. Awe, it's the little things.

I  have been splurging a lot these days. Like yesterday I had a burger and fries, so today I started back strict on my "diet". No ice cream for me. Thankfully I had packed a few low-carb cookies I made last night. I stayed up making a few goodies so I'd stay on plan.

School is going great. I haven't had the kids start all subjects yet. We are adding things in slowly. For instance with Caleb and Brent they started their health course. The two younger boys we added in some history.

I found this picture of Lance on my phone. That silly guy.

My friend made the image below. Not sure how, I think it's a facebook thing.

Lance likes to add more to the picture. On the one above I think he meant "Eat more Chicken" not "Eat more cow", he made me laugh.

Here are some more. These pages are from the Asperger's Journal.

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  1. The beauty of homeschooling is to have those back-to-school splurges!


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