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Homeschooling Pictures (Week 3)

Brent and Caleb doing their Bible study with me and Ethan looking up words in the dictionary. Please excuse our mess in the background. For some reason the rotating cupboard thing always stays open and makes for a messy look. I miss lots of picture taking because of the cluttered look but decided on this day to just take the picture. I miss school pics of my kiddos.
 Below Caleb is working on Bible.
 Brent completing school. I think he's working on Travel Dreams from The Thinking Tree.
 Below is a page from Brent's Biology book: Discovering Nature Series ~ Summer by the Sea

 This year Ethan will use How to Make Money by The Thinking Tree. Some weeks he'll complete four pages ~other weeks one or two. He also completes one or two journal pages a day. Right now he's working his way through the Library Based Boys Journal.

 Lance working through his phonics/reading program: Blast of to Reading

 Brent and Caleb making pizza for lunch. This is just for them two! Growing boys they are.
Brent watched a guy make pizza on YouTube and is showing Caleb how to form the dough.


  1. Look at all these precious learning moments together! They are to be treasured. I've missed all your homeschool posts. This was fun!

    1. Me too. Now that the kiddos are getting older it's harder to get pics and I figure big kid pics are not as fun as seeing all little ones. No more little cuteness.


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