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Letter to Josh

Dear Joshua, 

I got your letter!!! I was super excited and couldn't wait to rip the envelope open. I'm so glad to hear you are doing well and they are feeding you wholesome food. You know how I am with wanting you to eat healthy. 
Land Navigation Training
Guess what, today (Tuesday) the ALERT Facebook page posted pictures of your first week. It was nice to see what you've been up to.  I heard you all had your first PT test, had three days of Catalyst, and started your Land Navigation training. I'm so excited for you. Praying that you will understand and do well with all that navigation learning. I know it can be a lot with having to be accurate with your calculations and all. You'll do well. I know it!
Physical Training Test- Josh front row on the right
As for us, we've been busy. Dad with the house, screens, work, AWANA, ALERT Cadet, and so forth. Me with homeschooling, reviews, making homemade goodies, and dinners. I actually made a dinner menu, made a shopping list too, and bought all the ingredients 😁. It's nice having all the stuff and knowing what we will eat. 

The weather has been hot but I think it's hotter in Big Sandy. We've been praying for you all about that. I don't know how long you all are outside but I can imagine it's a lot and with the temperature being close to 100* well I can only imagine. 
I've been keeping your little Unit in prayer as well as the whole Unit 56. I noticed one guy by the name of J., he has a pack that looks a bit uncomfortable, so I've been praying for him daily. I know if the pack doesn't fit right it can affect the whole hike, just like a blister on your foot can. If I could I'd send him a backpack myself.  

Annette will have her first soccer game this coming Saturday. She was suppose to play last Saturday but the game was canceled. ⚽

Know that we are praying for you. Every push-up is for a purpose, a purpose to make you stronger not only physically but mentally. 

Love you lots,
God will meet all your needs Joshua, it says so in Phil. 4:9

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