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Novel Thinking from The Critical Thinking Co. (Review)

The Critical Thinking Co. never disappoints! I love their stuff. Lance will use the Novel Thinking~ In Their Own Words: Abraham Lincoln.
My son has been having it on easy street when it comes to a literature program, so this year I thought we'd better get him started.

In Their Own Words is geared toward grades 3-6, perfect for Lance who will be in grade 6. The guide will help your child with reading comprehension and vocabulary covering:
  • Main Idea & Supporting Details
  • Characters, Setting, and Plot
  • Cause & Effect
  • Making Inferences and Predictions
  • Drawing Conclusion
  • Comparing & Contrasting
  • Sequencing
As you can see your child will cover a lot while reading about Abraham Lincoln and completing the 100 page workbook.

In Their Own Words: Abraham Lincoln there are 14 Lessons (chapters) each Chapter has between 3-4 pages of activities to be completed.

Depending on your child's age, reading level, and writing skills you can pace your child, have him complete one to two chapters a week. 

Each workbook chapter starts with Vocabulary. Your child will find the parts of speech and match the vocabulary word to the correct definition.

Sometimes your child will use Word Play using the vocabulary words to complete analogies, unscramble words, or practice synonym/antonym.
Children will study the characters, problem & solutions, drawing conclusions, these are just some of the many ways your child will delve into the book.

Your child will answer comprehension questions like: How did the Sumpreme Court rule in the Dred Scott decision? How did the court explain that decision? Give two reasons. As you can see these questions are thought provoking. Your child will have to think and not simply write yes or no and/or fill in the blank. 

Another assignment has your child summarize briefly the main points chapters 1-6 in complete sentences.

When completed your child will have completed a:
  • compare/contrast writing paper
  • creative writing assignment
  • research paper
There is a lot of processing and learning within the 100 pages of the Novel Thinking book!

An Answer Key is included in the back which I love because you don't have a separate book for answers. Keep it simple for this homeschooling mama!
With Lance I plan on him completing a chapter a week. I'd prefer two chapters to get done but with his reading and writing skills I think one is plenty. Now if this was my daughter in 6th grade I can see her completing two or three chapters/lessons a week because she was very independent and grade levels above in reading and writing (she's now in 11th grade) so these Novel Thinking books are pretty flexible.

Novel Thinking Lesson Guides do not include the actual reading book.

Final thoughts: I love how the Novel Thinking guide really gets the child thinking. It's not a lot of fill-in-the blanks. Instead there's thought provoking questions.

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