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Being an Example ~Even When You Feel Like the Kids Don't See

I am loving my Pocket Size Journals from The Thinking Tree. This is the way I would have loved to been homeschooled. I tell the kiddos that when I'm all done homeschooling them~ I'm going to go back-to-school Thinking Tree style, hehe.
I actually do use them. Right now I'm loving the these two! I can easily fit them in my purse and when waiting in line or sitting at the coffee shop I can work on a coloring page or writing.
 For the Music Time box I put in some lyrics to a song I was listening to and the title went int the audio book box. Sometimes I listen to an audio book but usually it's music. With your kids you can use that for podcast too. I know my older kiddos listen to a lot of podcast on real-estate and investing.
I didn't actually watch a tutorial. I did watch a video of my son who is away at ALERT International, so I wrote about that. Science was funny. On our way to Annette's soccer game Lance had to use a barf bag. Later after the soccer game on the way home, Annette explained how motion sickness happens, so later that day I recorded.
And of course I absolutely love Dyslexia Games. The Creative Journaling page I wrote things that happened that day.

I also filled out the Reading Time page but instead of writing about what I read I took my journal to church and wrote notes. 

I know people want to see kids filling out the pages but I have fun using them too. I can see so many opportunities for kids using Sarah's method of learning. I can see how our kiddos can really dig into the pages of the journals and learn in a whole new way.

My kids listen to so many audio books, the watch many tutorials, and listen to all kinds of podcast with their dad on real-estate, investing, and running a business. They read about entrepreneurs and how they became successful They read about real people and real possibilities. These are things that you DON'T see in our boxed curriculum but it's what our children need to learn.

One of the problems is that there are so many guidelines in the state of subjects the kids need to do in order to graduate. Or we are so conditioned with how 'school' should look like that it's hard to envision Fun-Schooling.
That's where Sarah's book come in and help guide mom and the kids. Many people don't understand the concept or method of it. They want answer keys and teacher manuals. The beauty of The Thinking Tree is to let your child explore, create, and use the journals to write what they are learning.

Now if you have boys like mine who are creative with LEGOS, Minecraft, Stop Motion, and anything without a pencil and don't like to read, well that does complicate things some. Especially for a mom who loves Sarah's journals. 

With my boys although they do a lot of learning on their own via audio books, podcast, and just having fun outside, I do have to lug the boxed curricula. Yes, this mom picks out many of the books.

My kids can watch something like Undercover Boss, learn something from the episode but not write about it, so again, they ARE learning but yeah, I have tell them, "Hey, kids, use this and write something on your Film Study page."
My boys journals are not the awe and ooh kind of pages but when they are done with a journal I still have fun looking through it and seeing what they were reading and learning. Now it's not "picture" perfect and yes sometimes I cringe at their work (not in front of them of course) but it is what it is and I continue to encourage them with my journal pages.

Color My Eyes Trace My Face Autism Spectrum Coloring Book by The Thinking Tree (Review)

This next book I'm about to share from The Thinking Tree is very near and dear to my heart because it's one that I will use with Lance. It's a pocket sized coloring and activity book, for all ages, with black and white pictures.
Color My Eyes Trace My Face by The Thinking Tree (Review)
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Did you know Sarah the author and creator of Dyslexia Games and The Thinking Tree publications is dyslexic and has Asperger's Syndrome? Yup, this amazingly talented woman has Asperger's.

When Sarah was around 14 years old she modeled for a popular teen magazine. It was during this time that she had to study faces and became obsessed with peoples eyes. While training to be a model Sarah had to learn how to walk into a room, make eye contact, and act. At first this was very hard but through time it became easier.

Sarah noticed that she was becoming comfortable with looking at peoples faces but even more amazing was she began to understand what sympathy felt like.

When a child (or adult) looks into the eyes of a person it's like looking into the depth of  their soul. They see so much emotions and it's all mixed up. Sarah helped me understand this about Lance. When I asked Lance about looking into my eyes or anyone's eyes, what did he see or how did it make him feel. He said it was freaky. That's his word for it and he doesn't like it.

So as you can see, I'm really excited about this Autism/Asperger's Therapy Book.

Autism Spectrum Coloring Book will have your child study 60 faces of people and animals.

Autism Spectrum Coloring & Activity Book by The Thinking Tree
Sarah included faces of animals because it might be easier to start with the eyes of an animal. Your child can skip around in the book and choose the faces he would like to study.
Autism Spectrum Coloring & Activity Book by The Thinking Tree
It was through overcoming the fear of eye contact that Sarah was able to overcome other problems of Asperger's.
Autism Spectrum Coloring & Activity Book by The Thinking Tree
Once your child is able to feel safe making eye contact he will be able to understand and connect with others.
Autism Spectrum Coloring & Activity Book by The Thinking Tree
The person using this book should look at the face and consider how the person or animal is feeling.
Color My Eyes Trace My Face Autism Spectrum Coloring Book
 They will then color the eyes in order to become more comfortable with eye contact.
Color My Eyes Trace My Face Autism Spectrum Coloring Book
For each face the person will also complete an activity page. If using this with a child don't feel like they have to complete everything in one sitting. If you need to only do some and have the child come back later to finish.
Color My Eyes Trace My Face Autism Spectrum Coloring Book
Questions: What color are my eyes? ~ Can you trace my face? ~ Can you guess what I'm thinking? and then the person will color the face that shows how they feel. At the very bottom right corner there is a face that says, "Draw Me!"
Color My Eyes Trace My Face Autism Spectrum Coloring Book
I love that the book includes face of children with special needs.
This book helps the user to analyze and experience facial expressions, emotions, and feelings in a very logical and artistic way.
The goal is to help the person using Color My Eyes Trace My Face to become interested in the human face as well as the feeling of others.
 This book includes pictures of various ages, races, emotions, and feelings. There are family members laughing together showing love for each other.
 If using Color My Eyes Trace My Face with your child you will want to discuss the emotions and moods of the people (and animals) in the book. Make the same expressions with each other.
The brain is amazing! By using this powerful, pocket size book that taps into the user's natural curiosity while reprogramming the brain to be able to develop a more natural perception of social interaction and sympathy. Wow, what an amazing God we have that He created our brains to respond and even reprogram itself to things like Eye Contact Therapy!
 How is this guy feeling? What expression best describes him? Can you make the same face as the by in this picture?

Sarah has added at least eight pictures from her personal photo album! Search and see if you can find her husband Josh and some of her children.
The Thinking Tree by Sarah Janisse Brown
Sarah made Eye Contact Therapy is an important activity in her home because some of her own children showed many signs of Autism and Asperger's Syndrome at a young age. At this point most people would never believe that these children started off strongly with Autistic behaviors. Once they became interested in faces, everything changed.

Can you see why I'm so excited about this book? I truly believe it's going to help many people on the autism spectrum. 
Thank you Sarah Janisse Brown.

Peek inside!

The Blizzard of 1944 a Thinking Tree Reader (Review)

The Blizzard of 1944 - The Night God Reached Down From Heaven 
Dyslexie Readers Level C
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The Thinking Tree - True Stories to Light the Way

The Thinking Tree's first reader!!!!

If using Dyslexia Games  it is suggested to use after completing Series C or if your child is reading at a 4th grade level then your child is ready for this book.

This happened in Wichita Falls Texas during the worst blizzard on record!
 I absolutely love that it is in the Dyslexie Font. What a dream come true. A reader made especially for the dyslexic child
 The illustrations are beautiful!
 I love the story. The main character Dorothy shows her love for her family, respect for her parents, and determination. Something a lot of young ones are missing these days.

I see a lot of kids complaining about taking care of younger siblings these days. Saying it's not fair. Dorothy is a good example of not complaining about it and going way above and beyond as they say. She goes out in one of the worst blizzards to get her siblings.
What I like about this reader is the author is telling the story about the worst blizzard and picking up her siblings from daycare but sprinkled throughout the story are little 'flash-back' stories. As she walking through the snow she hears the dimes in her pocket jingle which reminds her of the story about how she got them.
At the end of the book are some discussion questions and a page for your child to make her or his own illustration.

This is based on a TRUE story. There really is a Dorothyy and I'm glad she has shared glimpses of her life with us. The stories are truly a treasure.

This is a heart warming story of a family of faith and love for each other. I look forward to more.

Peek inside!

Creative Writing Prompts for Boys ~Peek Inside (Review)

  This is one of the newest Thinking Tree!

50 Creative Writing Prompts by The Thinking Tree
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I'm excited to use this with my four younger boys ages 12-16 years. They will use this once a week. I'm not sure what day yet. Possibly Monday or Friday. Monday because sometimes Mondays need to start more fun.
50 Creative Writing Prompts by The Thinking Tree
 Friday's would be great because it's the end of the week and things are winding down. 
50 Creative Writing Prompts by The Thinking Tree

50 Creative Writing Prompts by The Thinking Tree

50 Creative Writing Prompts by The Thinking Tree

50 Creative Writing Prompts by The Thinking Tree

50 Creative Writing Prompts by The Thinking Tree

50 Creative Writing Prompts by The Thinking Tree

50 Creative Writing Prompts by The Thinking Tree

50 Creative Writing Prompts by The Thinking Tree

50 Creative Writing Prompts by The Thinking Tree
This book of creative writing prompts can supplement any curriculum and easy to take for those of you on the go ~it's 7x7.

Sometimes your child will need to do a little research and dig a little deeper to write their creative and adventurous story~ thus covering a little bit of geography and social studies at times

There is also one for girls. Click on the image below to read my review.

I'll have a video review coming soon so you can see all the beautiful pictures. 

Strange Things are Happening

Strange things are happening with my blog.

  1.  my pages are gone at the top. I use to have different tabs
  2. The search button isn't there
  3. I just noticed today that my friends list is gone
Very strange. 

These are the journals we used today. Lance used the Autumn, Ethan used the Library Based Journal, and I the Winter.

I also completed some history today. It was my "teach-by-example" moment.
 It took be a good hour to complete this. I used the timelines that correspond with the Mystery of History. I hope to encourage Ethan =)
The kids and I watched Undercover Boss: Sky Zone. Ethan, Lance, and myself completed a Film Study Page.