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Creative Copywork by The Thinking Tree (Review)

Creative Copywork by The Thinking Tree!

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure.
I'm excited about the Creative Copywork Journal and am already making plans for Lance to use it.

What makes this copywork journal unique by The Thinking Tree? Sarah has added coloring pages to relax and calm the mind after a rigorous brain workout. Copywork may not sound like much but when your child is copying someones thoughts and ideas word-for-word the brain is really getting a great workout.

You or your child can choose what is to be copied. There is space for your child to write the title of the book he is copying from, the page number and the date.

There are also pages for your child to write any words that need attention and/or practice. They can put those words in their journal using the Spelling & Vocabulary pages.

Some of the copywork pages will have your child illustrate or draw a scene from the passage they copied.

I thought would be fun for Lance is to have him copy a passage then on the next page (maybe the next day) rewrite the passage changing the character, setting, and anything else for more creativeness.

For example if he copied a passage from the Wind & the Willows, he could change the animals and the setting. Your child can change the characters name too. Change the adverbs and nouns to create a new story.

About ever sixth page is a picture to color.

Copywork is an amazing tool!

Think about it, your child is paying attention to so much detail like sentence structure and punctuation as well as how words are put together (spelling) and vocabulary.

Coloring is very therapeutic and because of it, it can help your child remember more in a lesson. Because of the calmness it creates allowing the brain to move information from short term memory into long term storage. 

Sarah puts it like this, " When you learn something new the brain stores it in "the waiting room" before sending  it into long term memory. The brain needs to take time to process new things and store them properly this way the new things can be retrieved in the future. If you move from one activity to the next, and don't have downtime to process and reflect on the new information, the waiting room gets really crowded and the brain starts to dump many of the new things in the trash to make room for more information in the the waiting room"

With using Creative Copywork we give the brain downtime to process all the information that our brain "sees' when copying or for that matter ~doing any other subject.

Having the child copy for ten minutes then color for ten minutes (or even less). If your child doesn't like to color have him trace the picture. I think that also brings calm.

Coloring or tracing the pictures helps with fine motor skills as well. Don't let the intricate illustrations scare you from using this with the younger child. If they aren't coloring inside the lines that's okay. As long as they are enjoying the activity, that's what we are aiming for ;)

This is one of my favorite illustrations from Creative Copywork! Mom and son.
With the pictures to color, don't feel like your child has to color the whole page in one sitting. Every sixth page is a picture to color, your child can color a little bit every day. Just a thought for those who don't like to color much. And moms ~feel free to sit with your child and color too. It's always more special when mom is interested in what they are doing and participates.

I hope to have a video review soon as well.


  1. I've always loved the coloring pages in these journals. My kids mention off and on they miss doing school with the journals.

    1. Me too. My boys not so much but I do encourage them. I am thinking of having Lance at least trace some of the pictures to help with his handwriting.

      Maybe you can have them use the journals once in a while or for a lighter school day when you have appts. and such.


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