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Week 5 (2016/2017)

It's been so quite on my blog. We are on week 5 and I think I'm figuring things out, ack! I do know I want Ethan to study American History so I might go with Mystery of History with him but not do all the extras. I think I will have him use the Mystery of History timeline figures which I ordered over the weekend and use the MOH book as a sort of encyclopeida (if that makes sense).

So what he will do is start with the first timeline figure, put it in his timeline book, read about it in the Mystery of History reader and write and/or copy information into the timeline book.

Unfortunately my boys will not delve deeper if they don't have to. I would love for them to pickup their timeline book, check some books out at the library, read (they are readaphobic), and put what they learned into their timeline journal. So again, unfortunately I have to assign the reading. 

With Lance, I don't think the Further Up and Further In will work. I've tried it twice before and the reason being, I think it's too open for me. I would love if FUFI had a student book so I don't have to make copies of everything. I'd also like less options. Some chapters there are three science and three Bible studies. I know I don't have to do it all. Lance doesn't want to do any though and I think a science program works better for him because it has a daily assignment instead of being so open-ended. 

I would love to have a set of physical encyclopedias too. This way when he's suppose to learn about ink he can just open an encyclopedia read a few paragraphs and write in his notebook. I don't like having to use the internet for everything. My sweet hubby doesn't think we need a set though. I have wanted one since we started homeschooling. Maybe I'll ask for a set for CHRISTmas.

I also want to focus on writing and math. Ethan is still using CTC Math. Kinda slower than I want. I have to make sure he sits at the computer and does it otherwise it mysteriously doesn't happen. 

I'm backing Lance up a bit with using Math for a Living Education. I actually purchased the newer books from Master Books. I have the downloads from the previous edition (which I love) but it looked to babyish and Lance wouldn't touch it. He's completing a weeks worth in one to two days. My plan is to get him through two books in one year and once he completes the 6th level (so thankful they call them levels) I'll switch him to Teaching Textbooks.

Writing is another area I REALLY want to focus on. I pulled out my IEW workbooks. I'm embarrassed to admit that I misplaced the Excellence in Writing. With Ethan I have the All Things Fun and Fascinating but I'm not sure if we'll stick with it. I just need something right now. 

On a side note, Joshua is completing his 5th week at ALERT. I'm so thankful he's been memorizing his 16 verses a week. If you remember please continue to pray that he continues to memorize. 

I need to get back to taking pictures. I've not been taking them. Also my phone died. My LG4 overheated and died. My son Caleb said that he read something about the motherboards being defective with the LG4s. So I'm sad to say they won't replace it. I don't know when I'll get another.

I may do a post with a walk through Caleb's day. He's my son in 10th grade.


  1. I am using Math Lessons for a Living Education with my 3rd grader and 1st grader. I love these books! Sometimes it's hard to find just the right curriculum. Luckily, this year we are loving what we are doing. Most of it, anyway! Hang in there...

    I have a set of encyclopedias from the 70s that Rods grandmother gave us. I love them! I would love a new set, though...maybe for Christmas!

  2. From my experience teaching at co-ops, I know quite a few parents that have invested in physical encyclopedias. Boy can they make a difference.

  3. I had a set and gave them away. They take up so much room and we rarely used them. But I love our World Book Encyclopedia DVD! Have you seen those? I looked and Sonlight still has some of the 2014 World Book Encyclopedia DVDs in stock (though they have been discontinued). Here's a link in case you want to peek! http://www.sonlight.com/RR50.html It's only $39.95 for the "set", but takes up no room at all. :) And it doesn't use the internet! :)

    I've been wondering about the newer MLLE books from Masters - are they really much better? We don't mind the old ones.

    1. Thanks for the link. I'll take a look at it. Is it easy to navigate?

      The only reason I say yes with MILLE is that they look more 'mature' looking for Lance. We had to go back to level 3. In the past I tried to get him using the ones that I downloaded but he complained they were to babyish and he wasn't a little kid anymore, lol. If you don't mind the old ones (I loved the illustrations they were so cute) I'd just stick with those and save the money.

    2. I think so! If you ever want to Skype, I can share my screen and show you how it works. :)

      I forgot to say that I have been following you and so happy for Joshua, if I haven't already said so! I know how much you miss him! ❤️

    3. Thanks Michelle, you're so sweet :)


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