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Lance 6th Grade Week 4 (2016)

Homeschooling6 is on week four and you know what, I'm exhausted. Okay maybe not exhausted but it feels that way. Now that school has started I'm trying my best not to be on the computer and focus on our school days. We really need to get school done. The last two years seem to be a blur.

This year with Lance my 6th grader I'm doing a few things. I'm really a bit lost to be honest. Because I'm a bit scatter brained right now I'll just share what we will be doing this week because it's kinda going to change. For example last week we used more of the Thinking Tree journals and this week we won't. So books are coming and going each week.

The above picture is my scattered brain, hehe. A little of this and a little of that.

Further Up and Further In, well I'm not sure how far we'll get with this. I'm just testing the waters. We just started today. I was looking for a support Facebook group but couldn't find one so I'm on my own.

Today I read chapter on of The magician's Nephew. It was already past lunch when we got to this so all we completed was Bible. The topic was on temptation. The discussion started with Polly's temptation of the Uncle Andrew's rings. Lance also copied 1 Corinthians 10:13. And, um, that's all we got through today and believe me, it wasn't easy with Lance. Teaching him can be torture at times.

While I read I thought it would be nice if Lance worked on sketching. I pulled out our Teach Yourself to Draw book. I even let him use my expensive drawing pencils.

Okay, nice job, yeah, great. And he broke my charcoal pencil at that.

Ore remedial reading review program is Blast Off to Reading. He completed lesson 9. We do this together. He can read most of the words but I still want him to go through the whole book and together. I think he'll get more out of it if we do it as a team.

I'm not sure how this is going to work out either but we'll see. I actually wanted to use Using Language Well from Simply Charlotte Mason but couldn't afford it so I pulled out Fix It! Grammar. Lance and Ethan used this in 2014 I believe (it was a review item). Since I have the download as well we started from the beginning. So today we completed lesson one. Thankfully there wasn't a whole lot to do today because Lance was having an Aspie moment. He gets in this weird mood where he says his hands are ticking (not sure exactly but when they are tickling they hurt). Of course it only happens when he has to do school.

I'm so glad he can do spelling on his own, thank you Thinking Tree. I don't have to sit and teach him anything. Yay because I can only handle so much with my little guy =)

We also started All Nature Sings today. Monday is read the story day so that's all we did. Keep it simple is my motto this year. I am not going to try to finish everything this year. My plan is to take it one day at a time and see where we are at -at the end of the year.

Lance has been a bit difficult to teach and needs a whole different approach. It's amazing how different each child is. I'm about to pull my hair out with this one but I'm not, haha. We are just going to do a lot of different things this year. Hopefully that will keep school fun although Lance doesn't think any of it's fun.

I did let him have a lot of time outside using his archery kit he got for his birthday.
He was so excited to get this for his birthday. It's been on his wishlist for a few years.


  1. I hear ya on exhaustion! Nearly six weeks into our school year, and I had to change. I felt like such a failure, but schooling 2 full programs was just a little too much for me. It was a constant pull on my heartstrings. I made a change to go back to family style learning yesterday and I feel so much better even though it means starting something again.

    I pray that you will find rest in your school days! I know your mama heart and it's precious!

    1. I so understand. Remember that crazy idea that I was going to do four, um yeah right, haha. I already changed up our LA I really wanted to use another program that I owned but it wasn't working. I think Fix It might be our ticket this year and I own the next level (not sure where it is though).

      (((hugs))) I know it's so hard figuring out what is best for our kiddos. All the shiny books (although it's less and less for us these days as our kiddos are getting older) look so good then we start school and find it's overwhelming, ugh. I'm so glad you listened to your heart and changed what was not working.


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