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Pocket Journal ~History, Science, & Travel Theme) by The Thinking Tree (Review)

Sarah was so kind to make a Pocket Journal for boys (and let me help ~what an honor). I reviewed the girl one here.
Homeschooling Made Simple Pocket Journal ~Library Based Learning 60 Day Plan  

The easiest way to study eight subjects!
The Thinking Tree Pocket Size Journal
This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my DISCLOSURE.
This Pocket Journal for boys has a history, science, travel theme. This one will be so fun to use because of its pocket size of 5.6 X 6.8 inches.

Like with the regular sized 8.5x11 journals you will have your child pick at least eight books. They can be "real" physical books or from your Kindle or Tablet. You can even have your child find online articles or tutorials and have them write there notes and findings about these subjects. 

This journal looks so fun. The main difference between this one and the girl one is the illustrations and the flash card pages.

Have your child use 10 pages per day for a 60 Day Plan or 5 pages per day for a 120 Day Plan.

The loopy heart frame was replaced.
Pocket Size Journal for Boys The Thinking Tree
These pages are double sided so once your child adds what he wants to learn and memorize to them ~he can carefully tear the page out and use packaging tape to "laminate" them!

Many of the "main" pages are the same as seen below
You can also see my review to see larger images.

Here are some of the coloring pages.
Pocket Size Journal for Boys The Thinking Tree
 Of course I love that Sarah added some of the Dyslexia Games logic puzzles.
Pocket Size Journal for Boys The Thinking Tree
Pocket Size Journal for Boys The Thinking Tree
Some Reading Time pages.
You will need a fine tip pen to use with this journal.
This journal will probably work best for students in 7th grade and up.
 Creative Writing or Copywork pages.

I love the idea of a Pocket Journal. If you are not currently using The Thinking Tree Journals this would be a great one as a "break" from regular schoolwork. Just the size makes it more fun.

Take it along on days that you all are running errands. A great way to get school done on the go. Mom not feeling well, have the kids pull our their Pocket Journal, read some fun books from your home library, watch a few tutorials (one being math), and still have a day of learning.

Do you all own a tablet or other type of on the go device? Than take your Pocket Journal with you for an on-the-go schooling experience. No books if you have some via your tablet.


  1. I have this in my Amazon cart. I need to just hit purchase! I love your reviews and they have helped me to see how I can utilize materials I have w/ the TTT for a win-win!

    1. Thank you Laura, I appreciate you visiting and leaving a comment. I want one of these for me.