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Random Pictures

Look at these beautiful eggs my dad brought me this week! Some are little and some are pretty huge. They all were very good. I made lots of egg sandwiches using Ezekiel sprouted bread and yummy cheese.

Look what I found on our porch! A beautiful dragon fly.
 I hate to throw it away so it's still sitting on a shelf. Maybe one of the kids will throw it away.

 This little Bible Time Vocabulary Book has lots of fun pages to color ~like the one above. I used crayons.

My new 32oz water bottle from Trim Healthy Mama. I love it. It fits the car cup holder, yay! Before I would take a big mason jar that didn't fit in the holder.
 I love my crayons. This crayon caddy holds lots of them. I love it because all the colors are in one place.

My Auntie made this for me on Facebook. 
I made this graphic beacuse I want to have a giveaway soon. I thought this neat Thinking Tree journal would be a good one. I love mine.
And it's late. I need to get to bed.


  1. Oh my goodness, when was your birthday?????? I feel just awful that I don't have it on my calendar.

    I did just text you yesterday. I had you on my heart. I'm going to try and email you.

    1. It was the 17th. I need to get your birthday date too. My phone died :( I need to get a new one. My # is still the same right now. I just don't have a working phone.

  2. Oh, and you can keep that dragonfly for a nature collection! It's a lovely specimen and would be great to be used for a nature journal project and a rabbit trail of learning about the dragonfly :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Linda! I love your crayon caddy. My kids would be so excited if I get them one.

    1. Thank you. I got the crayon caddy at Walmart for $14.

  4. I've just found your blog after seeing your YouTube videos on Thinking Tree after discovering them at our convention.

    I was wondering how you sign up for your giveaway?

    1. Hi, thank you for stopping by =) Right now I currently don't have a giveaway on my blog but if you are on FB I have three of TTT giveaways going. You can visit here; https://www.facebook.com/Homeschooling6/ and scroll down. One is the Littlest Math Book, the vocab. book pictured above, and the last one is a Laura & Leah book.


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