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Strange Things are Happening

Strange things are happening with my blog.

  1.  my pages are gone at the top. I use to have different tabs
  2. The search button isn't there
  3. I just noticed today that my friends list is gone
Very strange. 

These are the journals we used today. Lance used the Autumn, Ethan used the Library Based Journal, and I the Winter.

I also completed some history today. It was my "teach-by-example" moment.
 It took be a good hour to complete this. I used the timelines that correspond with the Mystery of History. I hope to encourage Ethan =)
The kids and I watched Undercover Boss: Sky Zone. Ethan, Lance, and myself completed a Film Study Page.

1 comment

  1. Hmmm...on the blog thing. Did you save your template from the past? You might try uploading that and see if it helps. I wonder what blogger is up to.

    Let me know if you need any help.