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The Blizzard of 1944 a Thinking Tree Reader (Review)

The Blizzard of 1944 - The Night God Reached Down From Heaven 
Dyslexie Readers Level C
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The Thinking Tree - True Stories to Light the Way

The Thinking Tree's first reader!!!!

If using Dyslexia Games  it is suggested to use after completing Series C or if your child is reading at a 4th grade level then your child is ready for this book.

This happened in Wichita Falls Texas during the worst blizzard on record!
 I absolutely love that it is in the Dyslexie Font. What a dream come true. A reader made especially for the dyslexic child
 The illustrations are beautiful!
 I love the story. The main character Dorothy shows her love for her family, respect for her parents, and determination. Something a lot of young ones are missing these days.

I see a lot of kids complaining about taking care of younger siblings these days. Saying it's not fair. Dorothy is a good example of not complaining about it and going way above and beyond as they say. She goes out in one of the worst blizzards to get her siblings.
What I like about this reader is the author is telling the story about the worst blizzard and picking up her siblings from daycare but sprinkled throughout the story are little 'flash-back' stories. As she walking through the snow she hears the dimes in her pocket jingle which reminds her of the story about how she got them.
At the end of the book are some discussion questions and a page for your child to make her or his own illustration.

This is based on a TRUE story. There really is a Dorothyy and I'm glad she has shared glimpses of her life with us. The stories are truly a treasure.

This is a heart warming story of a family of faith and love for each other. I look forward to more.

Peek inside!

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