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He Made It!

Look who made it through the nine weeks of ALERT Academy!!!
Lupe and I are so very proud of Joshua. This was not easy. He had to learn to rely on his squad and they on him. Learning to work together was key or else they could or would be dropped (50+ push-ups) or worse what they called 'smoked' and you didn't want to be smoked with all the intense exercises and drills that come with it.

Josh even showed us a log that a team/squad would have to carry around to learn teamwork. Thankfully Joshua had an awesome team where all the guys worked together.
 Week 3 ~Honor Squad.

His squad worked so well together that they were the Honor Squad for the whole time. I thought that was huge and it says a lot about their character.

When we first got there we could see Josh but not talk to him. I cried. It was so good to see him.
I just stared at him because it was all I could do. I couldn't call out to him. I'd have loved to run up to him and give him a hug but that would not be a good idea ;)

We got to see a skills demonstration. Each Squad had a certain skill to demonstrate. ALERT stands for Air ~ Land ~Emergency Resource Team so the skills they are learning are how to serve, rescue, and help others in an emergency whether it be from fire, flood, or just someone needing help. They will know how to respond.

ALERT Academy men are deployed when help is needed from something like a national disaster. They have been called locally for help to as far as Greece!

Below is part of the obstacle course Joshua had to go through.

He had to memorize 1 Peter and recite it at Advancement Day.

Lupe and I are so proud of Joshua. He set his mind with completing ALERT and he did it (with the help of lots of prayers from family, friends, our church family, and many of you all whom I've not even met, so thank you so much!)

 We didn't receive a call asking to come home and I'm so thankful for that because my mama heart would have really hurt with saying, "No,you can't come home."

We are so thankful to Jesus that he memorized 1 Peter. We are so thankful that Josh has grown so much in his relationship with Christ. We see him maturing in so many ways.

It was a tough nine weeks not only for Josh but me, his dad, I know his siblings missed him. It was like boot camp for this mama. Just knowing that he was going through so much without us! It was hard.

50 young men to start their journey. One that will be life changing and that won't be soon forgotten.

Week 1
First Physical Training Test

Week 1 was the Navigational hike

Week 2, I think they did a micro hike which was an hour one. Each hike doubled. They started with the 1hr. then 3hr, 6hr, 12hr, and the 24 hour Endurance hike.

Week 3 was the 6 hour hike.

Week 3, I think it was propelling and things like rock climbing and such.
During the Unit’s Third Week of Training the men participated in Ropes and Knots training, Rappelling, Rocking Climbing, River Crossing, and their Six Hour Hike. The Unit Guidon was also handed out this week with Recruit Josiah Moy of Zulu squad being chosen as Guidon bearer.
Joshua was on Zulu Squad.

My happy guy ~ always smiling for the camera.
The smiles really helped me through the 9 weeks!

Week 5 was Survival Week.

The 24 hour endurance hike, oh my! I can't even imagine. Josh said it was so painful at times. His legs burned and he wanted to quit but his fellow recruits encouraged him on. It was wonderful to hear how the young men encouraged each other and prayed for one another.
Week 6 was the Endurance Hike a 24 hour ~56 mile hike.
In most ALERT Basic Training units, one or more recruits will drop out of the Endurance Hike, usually due to fatigue or a prior injury. But when Unit 56 completed their hike early this morning, EVERY MAN MADE IT!!! Well done!!! Many thanks to everyone who prayed for us throughout this challenge, especially the ALERT Moms prayer loop!

Week 7 was Navigational/Medical Drill week. Not exactly sure what it was called.
The Unit was put to the test last week with a nighttime evolution where the men were required to navigate across campus finding gear to rescue a "victim" lost in the woods. This evolution requires the men to utilize many of the skills that they've learned up to this point, and can take anywhere from 8 to 15 hours to complete.

During this week of training the Unit will be put to the test as they are given different scenarios to practice and hone all of the skill they have learned up to this point in Basic Training.

Week 8

Week 9
Unit 56's final hurdle of Basic Training is known as the Criterion. A 24 hour long event where the Unit is divided into six different teams and given Nine different evolution's to complete within that time frame. Team FOX ended up wining with a total time of 23:16.

He made it!
Little brother & big brother.


  1. Wow, great job Josh! And Congratulations! That is definitely something to be proud of. Love the smiles too. :)

    1. Thanks Cynce! Maybe Donnie and Brent can go together. That would be neat!

  2. Look at the big beautiful beaming smile! I've enjoyed reading about Josh's adventure - so proud of you both! ♥

    1. Thanks Michelle. even though Joshua went through this and I know what to expect. I think it's going to be just has hard when Caleb goes though it for me. Sometimes I think, "wow, my son can't do that" but he sure can. It reminds me when I sent Brent to kindergarten and the teachers would tell us mamas, "your child CAN find his way down the hall, put his backpack away and sit down WITHOUT you, they are capable" :)


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