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Just SLOWing Down

Just taking time to SLOW down.
 We decorated our gingerbread houses. Of course mine was a Coffee House.
I'll share more soon. One of my SLOW goals is to stay off the computer during the holidays. And I'm so proud of myself. Through the Thanksgiving week I've been very careful NOT to jump on the computer.
Which means we actually decorated our gingerbread houses early this year.
Normally we don't get to them until New Years Eve.
 When I pulled out all the gingerbread houses Lance said, "But it's our tradition to decorate them when we stay up all night", which translates to New Years Eve, hah, He made me laugh.
I guess I might have to buy some more for our "tradition" (me laughing and smiling).


  1. Very cute!! I have also been off of the computer lately. I decided not to rejoin the Crew, and I have enjoyed the blogging freedom!

    1. Me too. I really wanted to rejoin this year but I knew I shouldn't. It's been nice. I miss the Crew like crazy because the people are so awesome. I'm sure it was a tough decision for you as well.


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