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Visit From My Sis!

My sister MaryEllen came for a visit. It was totally a God thing because she was here on business and it so happened that she normally would have worked Friday but didn't because it was Memorial Day. Meaning she could come with us to see Josh on Advancement Day  from ALERT Academy. We were all so excited.

She arrived Saturday and was able to stay the weekend with us. Monday Lupe and I dropped her and Annette off in Fort Work at the Hilton. Annette stayed with her from Monday-Thursday. Thursday night we picked them both up.

Friday-Sunday she stayed with us. Friday going to the ALERT campus to see Josh. We stayed overnight renting three dorm rooms (wish I would have taken pics). We came home Saturday and dropped MaryEllen off at the airport on Sunday. It was sad to see her go. BUT, we made the most of her stay.

Since she was here for a quick visit, we had to hit all the coffee shops in one day!
Our first stop was Shoemaker & Heardt Coffee Shop. A place that sells antiques, gag gifts, and other fun stuff (like the Elf on a Shelf, bwahahaha!). This was our first attempt to take a selfie of us. It was hard. We look like we are peeking into a window, haha.
 Next stop was Coffee Connection. It was literaly down the street from the first coffee house so we just walked there. We both ordered an iced coffee. The one pictured is MaryEllen's mine had cream. We actually met up with my brother so it was the three of us.
Later around 4:30 P.M. my dad dropped us off at a Starbucks that is a few minutes from Lupe's work. Lupe and I were going to take MaryEllen and Annette to Fort Worth. I was all coffee'd out and ordered a Passion Tea. My sis ordered some sort of Peach Tea, and Annette a Frap.

My sis totally beat me with the whole coffee thing. Boy can she drink her coffee. I use to but can't drink cup after cup anymore. So I made her the #1 Coffee Drinker award and bought her a pretty mug/cup from Starbucks with Texas on it. She REALLY liked it.

It was so nice having my sis here for the week even though she had to go to work. Thankfully it was only three days.


  1. I am so glad her job finally sent her to Texas! :) It looks like y'all had a great time...wish I could have been there. I am not sure if I could have done the three coffees either. Love the mug and the coffee award. :) I am jealous that you have TWO coffee shops in your little town and we don't have a one. :(

    1. When you come we'll have to hit the two coffee shops but not on the same day, lol! It would have been super fun to have you and Diana. All the sisters together :)


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