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Beautiful Thankgiving

This year I kept Thanksgiving super simple. Last year we ate at Cracker Barrel things were a bit daunting and I really just wanted to sit and enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner with the kids. Normally I don't get to. By the time I sit down most everyone is done and I'm so hot from the eat of the stove (we have a small kitchen). Plus, I always cook for an army when I don't need to.
Our plates from Hobby Lobby

Soooo, this year I decided only bake 3 pies: 2 sweet potato and 1 pumpkin. Only a few sides instead of gazillions: mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, yams, and cranberry sauce. That was it.

I also didn't spend days cooking in the kitchen because there wasn't so much to cook! I loved it AND I sat down with the kiddos and hubby of course. I wasn't over heated (haha) and I enjoyed my Thanksgiving dinner with my family (this is not to say I didn't enjoy other Thanksgiving dinners).
It was just a really nice day. Annette helped in the kitchen which I absolutely LOVED! Normally she's with her dad fixing something. It was nice chatting with her. She made a cranberry salad.
This is one of the recipes that her Auntie Cynthia taught her how to make.
 Lupe made the Turkey. I'm not sure why our butter ball turkey looks so round. usually they don't look like this. It was tasty though.
 I made sugar free Cranberry Sauce. It was so yummy! I added some blueberries this year.
 Green bean casserole. I didn't take a picture of the mash potatoes.
 I made two sides of sweet potatoes. One had a yummy pecan crumble type topping and the other had a marshmallow topping. The kids prefer the marshmallow and Lupe and I love the pecan.
Um, yeah, the kids decided that it needed more marshmallows.

Even though I only baked three pies there was still a lot of yummy desserts! Josh made an apple pie and a chocolate pudding pie from scratch too! And Annette made lots of cream puffs. It was her first time. She made three different fillings: Nutella, Vanilla, and Pumpkin. She also made Rice Crispy Treats!

Annette's Cream Puffs
Nutella Cream Puffs
 A plate for my dad to take home. They may not look too pretty but they were tasty. We need to work on our presentation ~ hehe.😜

 Joshua's apple and chocolate pies. They were so good! Yes I age carbs and sugar this year.
 Not sure what happened to Joshua's cookies but they were delish as well.
It was a relaxing day of fun and being with my wonderful family. Lupe helped me clean up. I love him 😍💗

Of course I had a nice cup of java ☕ while watching the football game with hubby. Yes, we watched a football came. I'm not a football fan but it was for the hubby. Lupe's not a watch-every-football game type of guy but he enjoys a game now-and-then.

Thank you Lord for a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with my family .

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  1. Lovely Thanksgiving! I have yet to post about ours...but I am wayyyy behind on posting things. I have a back burner goal to get caught up before the new year.


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