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First Selfies

My hubby and I are not good at taking selfies together but we try. I think this is one of the first ones. I'm sure we must have taken one before.

 We took a 20th Anniversary weekend getaway and thought we'd try out hand at selfies. I think we need a selfie stick, bwahahaha
 We discovered that our phone will snap a picture if we say, "cheese", so I'm saying cheese while keeping my smile. My hubby on the other hand is saying it in Spanish and the picture snapped as he was saying the 'o' sound in queso.
 We tried again. This time with just me saying cheese. We stayed in a one room cabin with a gorgeous view from every window.
This picture was funny. I said, "Hey, Dear, let's take one here."

His reply, "It's just wood, you want us to take a picture in front of wood?" and as I'm typing this I'm laughing to myself because it was funny but you had to be there. And yes my love of my life is saying, "Queso" :)

I said, "It's the cabin wood though."

We keep looking in different directions. We were not sure where we should look while taking the selfies. We tried looking at different spots but his eyes and mine are still looking in different directions. Any tips!?!?

Anyway it was fun taking some selfies with my Sweets.

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