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90 Day Pocket Planner by The Thinking Tree

Sarah from The Thinking Tree has come out with some really neat planners and I can't wait to get my hands on one. I'll make a video as soon as I do.

They are pocket size so you can take them with you. The Begin Again is on sale right now for half price. I'm not sure how long the sale will last. Don't expect this planner to be like anything you've used before!

Many moms are in survival mode. They are just surviving from day to day and that's not good for your family or your health.

We need to get out of survival mode to be the best we can for our husband and kiddos. This planner is meant to help moms get out of survival mode to be the best we can be. To not feel overwhelmed.
I'll have pictures and share more but I didn't want you all to miss the sale for the first one above (Begin Again)

On day one you choose four important things you want to accomplish. On day two you choose four necessary things you plan to accomplish. If you can't get to them all then just begin again on the next day. The dates are not set in stone, which means they are blank, you write the date. If you are sick or one day you just couldn't get to everything you DON'T have to skip that page. I love that because many times planners are predated and I really, really, don't like skipping pages (makes me feel behind and that's not good we don't want you mamas to have that "behind" feeling).

Take a peek inside.

Some pages in the back of the Pocket Planner.

Here's how I'll be using my 90 Day Pocket Planner. I don't feel like I'm in survival mode at this time but do need to stay on track. I'm currently in "Derailed Mode


  1. I also don't like predated planners! They make me feel like I'm constantly behind haha. I will have to check this out!

    1. There are two on sale and you can check out my video to see the inside. I'll write more about it soon. I have been sick with a cold. This cough doesn't want to leave me ;) Hope you are all well.


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