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Make-Up Travel Roll-Up Bag to the Rescue for Taming Some Clutter!

It's been a while since I've blogged. I really meant to blog something daily in December. Even if it was just a picture. Then thought January would be good but as you can see I missed the first two days already so that didn't work out either. Maybe Feb.

There's so much going on where do I even start. Haha, 

Here's a nifty little idea for you all who own craft stuff. What mama doesn't right? I don't know if I ever mentioned that I like to color so if I didn't now you know. Consider yourself informed 😁

I own a Mary Kay Travel Roll Up bag. It's pretty neat except I don't know what to use it for. I don't travel much and when we do I have another bag I put my stuff in. I didn't want to give it away because it was expensive ($35 to me is a lot!). It was a gift too so unless I was going to to give it to my sister MaryEllen it wasn't going anywhere, hehe.

The other day I got this awesome idea. Well, actually the Lord gave me the idea because I am so not creative like this.

I had a lot of different kinds of markers in one bag! Little one, skinny ones, and double sided ones. I decided to separate them but wasn't sure how. Then I remembered I had this Travel Roll Up bag and it worked like a charm! Now I wish I had a few more for my gel pens. I might search one out at the second hand stores.

And you can hang it up too if you have one with a hanger attached! Pretty neat huh? Can you tell I'm a bit excited. I don't normally think of things like this. Although I'm sure you ladies have been using one for all your crafty needs and I'm just now getting the idea, ha! Better late than never as they say.
Imagine all the other things I can use this for (now I need more, hehe). I can put white board markers in a pocket, tape in anther, scissors, and so much more!

What would you put in it? Leave a comment below, thanks!


  1. This is a fabulous idea! It would be great for kids to have as well, for their scissors and glue sticks and pencils and those little items they use!

  2. Cute idea! We have ours organized in baskets or jars, but this would be nice to even take with you places.

  3. Wow, that is a great idea!! I love it. Most of my crafty stuff is packed away, but I'm going to do this when I unpack it all. I like that it hangs too. You should share this with Auntie Rose, LOL, I'm sure she has a LOT of pens/markets. :D


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