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Teach By Example ~ Mom School Week 1 (2017)

I'm really excited to host Teach by Example ~ Mom School. I love deciding which books I want to use and I'm pretty excited about some of them, well most of them.

The Thinking Tree has some journals that I will be using during the Six Week Teach By Example ~ Mom School Challenge!

Winter Homeschooling Journal ~ I really like the idea of using a journal that the kids use. I think it gives them a visual with how to use the journal and it also gives mom the chance to "show" her kids what is expected of them without really telling them. It's a neat way to talk and discuss in a non threatening way too because you can use your (mom's) work.

365 Day Thanksgiving Journal ~ Sometimes I can be quite negative so I'll be using this journal to keep me continuously being thankful (did that make sense 😁). I plan to ask the kids what they are thankful for and put that it in the journal as well.

A Devotional Coloring Book: Bible Time Journal ~ I'll use this for the days when I don't write a verse in one of the other journals.

90 Day Pocket Planner ~ This will be used daily. Sometimes there is an illustrated to do list in the Winter Journal so I'll most likely just copy what I put in my Pocket Planner this way when I look back in my journal I'll have it there. I keep my Pocket Planner open in the kitchen, not my Winter Journal so I SEE what I need to get done.

The Thinking Tree

My books I have chosen:

Slow Lane The Beautiful Art of Slowing Down ~ this one I'm reading through with some friends. I want SLOW in my life. Not lazy or being slow like a sloth, nope. Just slowing down in my walk with Christ and with my family. For me SLOW looks different. I want to stop and be in the now with my kids, to breath and SLOW. Spiritually I want to SLOW and take the time to listen to God.

Teaching from Rest ~ kinda goes with my whole SLOW theme for the year, yes, my word for the year is SLOW and Rest goes with that.

Silver Boxes the Gift of Encouragement ~ This gem of a book is based on Eph. 4:29; Don't say anything bad but only what is good, so that you help where there's a need and benefit those who hear. I want to work more with being an encourager, putting others first, making them feel special. As one little girl put it, "Our words should be gifts to each other, little silver boxes with bows on top."

Different: The Story of an Outside-the Box Kid ~ This is Sally and Nathan Clarkson's story. A child with OCD, ADHD, and ODD and how his mother loved him. Moms are like that.

The Power of a Praying Wife ~ I have read this book before but thought I should go through it again.

The Secrets of Mental Math ~  I'm going through this DVD Course and book with three of my kids.

Optimizing Brain Fitness ~ I had Brent choose any course in the Great Courses Catalog and he chose this one so we are going to do this together.

The Joy of Relationship Homeschooling ~  It's been a long time since I've read some encouraging homeschooling mom type books. A friend recommended this one to me so I'm excited to add it to my stack of books. I don't have it yet, it's on the way.

Who Moved the Cheese ~ this one is a fun read and one I have had on my shelf way too long collecting dust. My hubby has read it and I plan to have the kids read it too. It teaches how to deal with change. There is also a kids version that I might get for Lance.

The Go-Giver ~ What one man learns the power of changing ones attitude from getting to giving - putting others' interest before your own, continually adding value to their lives ultimately leads to unexpected returns. A book that my kiddos will be reading too!

Chronological Expressions Bible ~ of course my Bible reading for the day. I'm reading the Bible chronologically with some Facebook friends.

Now that may look like a lot of books and it is for this homeschooling mama of six but I don't plan on reading each book daily, except the Bible of course.

The Winter Journal has the Circle Today's Date pages. I plan to use it at least three times a week. My goal is to use one days worth of pages but if I can only do one or two that will be fine too. I'm not going to overwhelm myself.

I hope some of you will join me in this 6 week challenge. You don't have to own a Thinking Tree journal to jump in. Feel free to use whatever works for you. It might even be working in one of your kid's workbooks, or read one of their textbooks or a stack of books you've been meaning to read but haven't had the time.

So grab your books, read, and share what you are learning. Monday I'll have the linky go live so you all can start sharing your Teach by Example Mom School moments.



  1. It looks like an amazing stack of books. As moms, we need to remember to challenge ourselves mentally! This is something I need to do. There are so many things I want to learn... Just to make the time. Must we use the thinking tree journals to participate in Mom School?

    1. Megan, you don't have to use the Thinking Tree journals to participate. It's open to those who don't use them as well. Just find some books that you've been meaning to read and carve some Mom School time. :)

  2. Can't wait to join! Thank you for sharing your selections!

    1. You're welcome. I look forward to reading your mom school days :)

  3. Great selection of books, very inspiring! I'm working on my list (part of it) this weekend.

    1. Thank you, can't wait to see what you'll be reading and learning.

  4. I linked up, but not knowing what I was doing, ended up with a generic picture. My cameran and laptop are not cooperating, so my blog post is just a list of books I'm using. I'll try to add pictures later.

    1. That's totally fine. I can't wait to hop on over and read. I wasn't on the computer for most of the weekend so fell behind. Thanks so much for linking up!


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